Just Another Nigga

Tough times never last

It’s all in your mind

I am living luxurious

It’s all in my mind

when I dream of dream

so marvelous

like a shooting star

This is what I wish

when my dreams are shot down

Being black in the wrong town

I’ve been told I am just another nigga

Freedom is not a blessing

Freedom is luck

Difference between blessings and luck

Blessings are miracles provided by heroes

Luck is just a demon telling in your mind

“you are not safe,

I just haven’t had the time to kill you yet

and when I do, I will piss on your grave

You are just another nigga

and will always be

I don’t care about your accomplishments

I don’t give a fuck about your dreams

Until I kill you

I will haunt you in your sleep

Why do think ghost are white?

Ask yourself that


I tell you

You are just another nigga”