Just Another Nigga

Tough times never last

It’s all in your mind

I am living luxurious

It’s all in my mind

when I dream of dream

so marvelous

like a shooting star

This is what I wish

when my dreams are shot down

Being black in the wrong town

I’ve been told I am just another nigga

Freedom is not a blessing

Freedom is luck

Difference between blessings and luck

Blessings are miracles provided by heroes

Luck is just a demon telling in your mind

“you are not safe,

I just haven’t had the time to kill you yet

and when I do, I will piss on your grave

You are just another nigga

and will always be

I don’t care about your accomplishments

I don’t give a fuck about your dreams

Until I kill you

I will haunt you in your sleep

Why do think ghost are white?

Ask yourself that


I tell you

You are just another nigga”

This Is the World We Live In

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That’s what’s wrong with the world

Men want to improve their circumstances

Men aren’t willing to improves themselves

We disrespect our self-respect

for a greater addiction

Moments of a broken elevator

and the lights goes out

Stuck in the same spot, demons attack behind closed doors

A world of darkness,

blood and gore

But what we fear is too prideful

for our acceptance

so we receive the weapons

like a recruit going a war for

but for the wrong purpose

We kill those we love

because we hate the truth.

We rather look cool

so the power of addiction do what it do

Turn blind to a light

that was suppose to help us seek

and worship a dark world

that lacks form and void

and hate are the words we speak

Fallen angles control our mouths like translators

to force a language so that can slay the weak

instead of improving those that are fragile

we take the advantage of the inexperienced

Life is prison on the outside

Its about adaption and survival of the fittest

Crime rate increase in areas

where it feels like its impossible to find a meal ticket in a way that’s legitimate

But how can we conform with society

when racism exist

Contagious like covid

and killed so many lives

and some were innocent

The master of slaves

get jealous of the

slave that don’t even have a third

of what the master have

but one small accomplishment of a slave

will form rallies of KKK

A thin line between love and hate

on a deeper level

Its a thin line between Jokes and Jealously

Some say jokes is really jealously

in disguise

Jokes is a serpent, jealously is the dragon

So is love really pure, or is love really hate?

Do you come on social media

express how you grateful for life

and your accomplishments

and then go to the mirror and cry yourself

to sleep because you can’t stand the sight of your face

It be the people with most prettiest faces

that does the most hatred

So if racism was a neighbor hood,

it would be Centreville, Illinois

disguised as a beautiful attraction

so another words just pictureMidtown Manhattan

with all the riots and that’s the world we live in

If you had power to destroy one or the other, would you destroy racism or covid?

I Will Never Go Back

I don’t resonate with old me

Too many dark paths

To many demons in me

It took years for me to conquer

To make it this far I’m honored

and I will never give the past over me

I plan to accomplish my dreams

If I bleed

I won’t die

It’s a scarfice for a better life