Questions I ask as a Black Man

These last 2 weeks have been very emotional for me. I have been thinking hard about how much racism affects black people in America. I sometimes think what would life be like if racism did not exist but then I snap out of it because I try not to dwell on something that would never become a reality. I am going to list some questions that I have been constantly been thinking about for the past two weeks.

1) Do you think that Barack Obama becoming president helped black people or hurt black people in America?

2) After the George Floyd incident that took place, does this make you more hesitant to date or marry a white person?

3) Do you think black people need to do more to help each other and if they do, besides protesting what ways do you think black people can help uplift each other?

4) Do you think christianity is a false religon for the black man?

5) When you first learned about slavery as child, how did it make you feel?

6) What do you think black men should do to protect black women more?

7) Do you think black women as well need to do more to protect black men?

8) For anybody, do you think to becoming successful requires sleepless nights every now and then?

9) Do you ever imagine what life would be like now if Christopher Columbus didn’t come to America in 1492?

10) Do you believe that black liberals have a slave mentality that keeps black people from moving a step forward or do you think America is designed to keep black people back?

11) Do you think that black conservatives are educated people that do research and really care about the government and politicians helping the black community?

12) How do feel about Joe Biden when he said that if you vote for Trump then you ain’t black?

If you want, you can comment below your answer to one of the following 12 questions above. These are quest

5 thoughts on “Questions I ask as a Black Man

  1. “I try not to dwell on something that could never become a reality”…

    Possibility and impossibility are states of mind. You MAY be correct that we may never completely eliminate racism or any other form of evil, but it can be reduced to almost non-existence. When you close your mind to the opportunity though, you also close the door to the empathy, communication and rapport that will drive it back into a dark hole.

    The reason things have gotten worse the last 10 years or so is that people have stopped listening on both sides and began assuming the worst of each other in larger numbers.

    I put my own views on things in my blog:

    Take a look if you like, and are open to new ideas. If not, it’s cool.

    This is YOUR blog though, so I’ll TRY to start a dialog by answering your questions even though I’m white.

    Obama becoming President… That’s a complex one you could write a book on. Truth is, it was a bit of both. I think people had the expectation that it would lead to better race relations, etc… but the few loud very negative voices on both sides turned much of his presidency into a negative. For lack of space I’ll leave it at that.

    Interracial marriages & dating: Short answer; it shouldn’t matter. What counts is a person’s character and how they treat you.

    Help each other; yes, absolutely. Build each other up, start businesses, support those businesses owned by people in the community. Promote morals and values, chase the gang bangers out of your neighborhoods, etc… None of that absolves white or other folks needing to help either. We’re all in this thing called life together. And just for the record, I do know the difference between a real gang banger and the typical urban black person. I went to a school with a Bloods presence as well as alot of good black students just trying to get by and learn.

    Christianity: religion is what you make of it. EVERY group has good AND bad in it, white, black, christian, muslim… We can’t judge the whole by the actions of a few. If any religion helps you find peace and appreciate the value of life, that’s a good thing. People just need to isolate themselves from any bad element that’s preaching hate for any other group.

    Slavery: It sickened me and I didn’t understand how people could do that to other people. The kind of Hate or just apathy that allows that isn’t innate, it’s something that’s indoctrinated. That’s why I believe we can end it as well.

    Protecting Black Women: General answer here, it’s true for any woman really. Be there for them, listen to their concerns, help with the kids and teach them right from wrong and be there to physically protect them from legitimate danger without being controlling.

    Black women: I believe they have alot of power. The person a black man is most likely to respect, possibly short of their father, is the strong black woman or women in their life. Support the men in their life when they’re right, and push them towards doing what’s right when they’re not.

    Sleepless nights: Absolutely, and not just a few of them if you want to be truly successful. Ben Carson and Herman Cain prove it can be done. I won’t pretend the playing field is level, but the opportunity is there. Too many white folks have forgotten this too.

    Columbus: Complicated question, with a ton of potential variables. Not sure I have a good answer there.

    Black Liberals: That’s a false choice that the media has pushed on society. If nothing else, it assumes they’re all the same. Most just genuinely want to see things change for the better, and that’s a good thing. Do I think there’s a few shrill voices that have and are benefiting from telling black folks that these same voices are the key or only way to getting equality justice though? YEP.

    Black conservatives: Again we can’t label all of them as identical. For the most part I’d agree with that. Some maybe did catch a lucky break at the right time, got ahead and assumed it’d be the same for everybody. From my talks with them, they all believe that the Democrats have taken black folks and their votes for granted and done nothing meaningful to help you. It was Southern Democrats that tried repeatedly to block civil rights legislation in the past after all. NOT saying Republicans are perfect. I’d say they (I’m not one) actually have to get out there and prove to black folks that they are willing to step up and EARN your vote.

    Biden: I think that’s exactly what I was talking about with the leadership of the democrats assuming they own you all and your votes. They’re almost as arrogant with every other group out there though. That’s most politicians on all sides though. All of us need to hold them all accountable for doing more to help everyone and bring people together.

  2. I definitely will be checking out the link you provided in my comment section.
    Seems like you have alot of great ideas.
    Your answer about the black conversatives really opened my mind up.
    I will read your blog as well

  3. Come to fruition.

    Racism is a disease that has no cure because hate can never be fixed among humanity. When people use protest for change and riots for materialistic opportunities, that’s when racism gets stronger because it fuels bigots and pure hearts who want change.

    • So accurate racism is HIV
      Racism is cancer
      The talk of racism and being truthful about it will have you stand alone since most aren’t willing to admit that they are the cause of the problem.
      The only thing we can do is to accept that racism will always be here and we must adjust to it

      • That’s so true, it’s almost like you have to pick a side nowadays on where you stand. Racism is alive and well and it’s not going away. People think they can ignore it away, talk it, wish it and pretend it doesn’t exist it away but that makes it stronger. We do have to adjust to it and others need to realize that it’s a real issue and understand. We’ll never take a step forward as long as humanity keeps falling backwards.

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