A Deep Conversation With Myself

You told me write a love poem?

My self expression of love in a poem

I don’t love myself, loving myself is wrong.

I hate myself, and I been good at it for so long.

How can living in fear be so wrong

when it happens and appears so easily?

Misery is greedy and it hogs me

and don’t want to share my 200 pound body

with anybody that appears lovely and spiritually.

How can you tell me to write about something

that I can’t define my myself?

How can you tell me to write about something

that I can’t find myself?

I never heard of Jesus, but the devil strikes me below the belt.

That’s the pain that surronds my brain.

They say no pain no gain, well I feel the pain without the gain.

Why love myself if I have you to do it for me?

Why do you need to understand why I hate myself? I love to be lonely so I don’t need your company.

Fuck being love and spiritual, Fuck being romantic and hopeful, I only write poems

that are dark and painful.

Fuck being loved, I rather be feared.

Fear overrides love anytime anywhere.

The fear in me rises and the demons in me are hiding.

I am tired of disguising

Kindess is overrated, kindess made me desperate.

But I thank those that took adavtange of me,

becuase anger is my greastest weapon.

Well tell me this, if Jesus is the way

Why do more people go to hell than heaven?

What are the best types of poems to read?





My favorite poems to read and write are dark/painful,hopeful/inspiring,Spiritual/religious, then love/romance in that order

For those of you that like poetry, comment below and tell me what is your favorite type of poetry you enjoy reading and who is your favorite poet and why?

5 thoughts on “A Deep Conversation With Myself

  1. I’m stuck between 1 and 2. I love dark themed poems, though I also love inspiring poems. Yin and yang, I suppose! Lol
    I had to comment and say, I love this line: “They say no pain no gain, well I feel the pain without the gain.” Beautifully written and said!

  2. This was well written. Loved it.

    I like hopeful/inspiring, love/romantic… but I tend to write dark/painful a lot when I get in the zone. The love/romantic ones are off the cuff and randomly come to me from various situations and I e tried to write hopeful/inspiring but that comes and goes.

    I haven’t been a connoisseur of the earlier poets, but one of my favorite poets of our current time is Rudy Francisco. His amazing ability to pull you in to the poem and invoke emotions is simply amazing.

    • I feel like the dark/painful ones are the easiest to write because I feel like when something is bothering you, you need some type of release and poetry is the remedy.
      With dark poetry, I can write forever.
      Th romance poetry is something thats hard to write because I’m not affectionate.
      I like hopeful poems does.
      I haven’t heard of Rudy Francisco, maybe I’ll check him out.
      My favorite poet is omari hardwrick and William Shakespeare

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