Do women prefer nice guys or assholes?

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As a man, have you wondered what goes through a women’s mind when she get approached in public by men?

As a man have you ever wondered if women prefer to have a nice boyfriend or a boyfriend that’s an asshole?

As a man, have you wondered why you constantly get curved or put in the friend zone?

As a man, do you feel like being nice is overrated and women are only attracted to assholes?

What women really want?

Now I can’t give you a straight forward answer regarding if women prefer nice guys or assholes because not all women are the exactly same even though most women have similar wants and needs when it comes to dating. But there are pros and cons to being a nice guy and asshole and I will list a few.

Pros of being a nice guy

  1. Nice guys are always available.
  2. Nice guys are good communicators.
  3. Nice guys are always there to listen when you are depressed and need to get something off your shoulders.
  4. Nice guys will make scarifies and won’t make excuses and will always put his lady first.
  5. Nice guys are always on time.
  6. Nice guys don’t expect anything from a woman except for her to be herself around him

Cons of being a nice guy

  1. Nice guys lack confidence
  2. Nice guys are afraid to speak up when they don’t agree with something so they may lack the ability to protect a woman from harm
  3. Nice guys are sometimes boring because they may always allow the girl to take the lead instead of taking charge.
  4. Nice guys are too available
  5. Nice guys are probably too straight forward and don’t know how to flirt.
  6. Nice guys take too long to make a move or express their feelings.
  7. Since a nice guy lack the characteristic of being in charge, most women will think the ice guy is boring in the bedroom.
  8. Nice guys sometimes are sneaky and aren’t faithful.

Pros of being an asshole

  1. Assholes are more confident compared to the nice guy and women love confidence
  2. Assholes are men that can be fixed and women feel like they can change this type of man because assholes are more challenging and women love challenges.
  3. Assholes are not always available and tend to be available on his own time in which makes him unpredictable and woman love men that are unpredictable.
  4. Assholes are an addiction and this is why women want to be around them more
  5. Assholes are annoying in a good way and know how to make women laugh
  6. Assholes sometimes are nice guys on the inside behind close doors when a woman takes the time to get to know him.
  7. Assholes are dominant and decisive and have a lot leader qualities in which make women more attractive to the asshole.

Cons of being asshole

  1. Assholes can be too arrogant in which could turn most women off
  2. Assholes are good for canceling plans with their significant other last minute to hang out with their boys.
  3. Assholes are very insecure because their past has taught them that being too passive and letting other people take advantage of their kindness and letting people steal the spotlight from them, makes them jealous so they always have to be center of the attention.
  4. Asshole have too much pride and don’t know how to apologize or admit when their wrong.
  5. Assholes are only a phase in the beginning. Overall women do get tired with them overtime and learn to appreciate the nice guy.
  6. Assholes do not take their significant other feelings in consideration whatsoever.

What’s my input

Now I can’t give you a straight forward answer because every women thinks and behave differently, but I can only tell you my point of view from my experience. To be honest, I don’t really like hearing the question “Why women prefer assholes over nice guys” because nice guys are not perfect. Nice guys think that being nice is enough to get a girl to catch feelings for him. I meet nice people all the the time and just because someone is nice to me doesn’t automatically assume that I want to invite that person over my house, or hang out with that person. Nice guys have a hard time accepting rejection. Rejection is promised to everybody and rejection is how we learn from our mistakes in order to move forward in life. The main problem with nice guys is that they are trying too hard to make an impression by being extra nice. This leads to unsuccessful results for two reason. When your too nice, most women will take advantage of you and will only be around your presence for financial support and emotional support, or some women will just keep it moving and move on and not waste her time with a nice guy at all so she won’t lead him on. Nice guys are always confused because the nicer they are, the harder it is for someone to tell them the truth because we believe nice people are too sensitive and can’t handle the truth. This is partly the reason why nice guys get a lot of mixed signals.

The assholes are a bit more complicated. Assholes confuse women since they tend to be unpredictable. Women want men that are dominant, decisive, confident, and know how to take charge. Assholes don’t seek validation on rather or not if the girl they are pursuing is interested in them because they know they can get any girl at any given time. Assholes know how to make a good time out of anything. Assholes know how to keep the conversation interesting. Assholes tend to be more experienced with women. Assholes actually tend to be goodhearted and sensitive people behind close doors when you take the time to get know them. But at the same time, assholes are only a phase because assholes are very insecure people when you get to know them. Assholes can be very impolite. Assholes are not capable of making the sacrifices and effort to be committed to a relationship. Overall an asshole make his girlfriend feel lonely because he tend to neglect her needs and not care about what’s on her mind. So overall an asshole can actually make a woman appreciate a nice man so much more since assholes tend to be toxic men.

So overall there are pros and cons to being a nice guy and a asshole. Nice men need to understand that being nice is not enough for a woman to catch for feelings. Nice guy need to know that when they are pursuing women, they need to focus on what they like, don’t like and speak up when they don’t agree with something. Don’t worry about making mistakes and if you want it impress any woman, just be yourself by focusing and demonstrating your positive characteristics towards the woman you are pursuing. Stop worrying about why women prefer assholes. If a woman is not interested in who you are as a person and rather be with somebody else, than that’s her problem. For assholes, remember that your personality can make some women interested being around, but it takes effort and scarifies to keep her around and don’t forget that. It’s okay to be dominant and in control because I get it, you don’t want to seem like a pushover, but remember to be respectful always and respect come first always. Stop letting your pride get in the way because a lot you assholes are so concerned about impressing your friends by being a asshole to your girl because you care more about what your friends think than what you or your girlfriend thinks. If you keep treating your girl like a second option, she will eventually leave you for somebody else that will treat her like a priority and you’ll never see it coming. Once she leaves, it will be too late to get her back(in most cases) and your friends will not give you the support that you need.

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Discussion Questions

  1. The meme I posted above, do you agree with this?
  2. Is there anything in this post that you disagree with?
  3. I talked about nice men and asshole men, would you like me to do a follow up and take about nice women and asshole women?
  4. Do you believe that women wanting an asshole is only a phase or do you think that women will always prefer the asshole over the nice guy?
  5. Do you think there is any situations where nice guy finish first?

7 thoughts on “Do women prefer nice guys or assholes?

  1. No I don’t agree with the meme. There are many generalities here of course. Women like men go through phases, yes. For most women their pick of a man is based on her upbringing. Was father there or not? Were there male role examples especially dad to show her how she should be treated as a lady?

    • With meme I’m like 50/50 as far as believing it. As far as the opinion of this post, everybody will have a different opinion regarding this. That’s true women do pick their man based on upbringing I can agree with this. A father and a mole role model does play a major impact on women when it comes to choosing the guy she wants to date. But sometimes wanting an asshole or a nice guy I believe doesn’t always have to do with her uprbringing
      This topic is something that’s popular that be ask all the time and everybody will have a different answer based on their own experience.

      • Women like men are creatures of conditioning. Now they call it grooming. I’ve seen really nice men and women with great upbringing subjected to terrible treatment by others so yes some people may divert from their upbringing. It always comes down to conditioning…who, what, where, why, how basically

  2. This subject is never black and white, there’s always an area of shade of gray. Two sides to every card as this sophisticated Joker would say.🃏.
    In my opinion I do think woman prefer assholes because they have much more to offer, regardless of what they lack financially or scholastically. You’ve seen the movies where the girl would ditch the nerd at the school dance only to run of with the guy with a motorcycle who could barely spell his name. Fast forward and reality is still the same, woman will take a nice guy to meet the family, play with her kids she had by the last asshole and use him as a crutch when she needs that understanding ear but other than that, he’s in the slow lane because he’s always there and she knows he’s not going anywhere. Assholes are a dime a dozen but they are more sought after and people want what others have or want what others are trying to get. Guys that are jerks and treat woman rough are funny in a way, protective, not clingy, experimental in bed, respect a woman’s space because they don’t care and they take charge….and all those things appeal to women. Some woman say it’s a turn off but they look for those qualities because they complain when nice guys do the opposite things. That meme isn’t far from the truth, how does a loser become a winner? He finally starts winning. Same thing, you treat a nice guy like an asshole long enough and he becomes one and that’s when the woman look at him sideways and say, “Wow, he’s changed”, and wonder why. He’s probably tired of being single.😉. There are very few woman that genuinely ends up with nice guys and appreciates them, but I don’t know the exact numbers, I’ll have to do some studies.🤔
    And yes, there are some instances where nice guys finish first, I’ve read those fairytales…..and some do come true.🃏

    • This whole comment should of been in the blog because this explanation was flawless.
      Nice guys eventually do get a girl that appreciates him for who he is, but it takes a long time and making a lot of mistakes. Trial and error for the nice guy.
      Women say they don’t want assholes because they are annoying but at the same, they are low key attracted to the personality of a asshole.
      Overall, I believe you need a mixture of both, a nice guy can can be asshole at times.
      Girls want a man to be sweet with them, but know how to be a little rough and aggressive(not too aggressive) them as well.
      I always feel like in public is where you may tend to be more sweet with them and respectful, but in private behind close doors, this is where the guy leads and should be more dominant. This way will work with good women that you can bring home to your family.
      There are other women are there that will completely take advantage of a guy regardless if she shows an ounce of niceness and some will pick a guy that is a complete asshole at all times but yet complain about him all the time but ignore all the good men out there that are willing to give you the world in a moment.

  3. I agree with the meme on a 50/50 basis. I think it just depends on the guy. If he’s truly a nice guy then that’s just who he will be regardless of what happens to him regarding women. Now if he’s just playing the nice guy role to get close to women he will quickly get tired of rejection and being friend zoned, so his true colors will show. I believe some women are attracted to ass hole men because they believe that those guys are showing them their authentic selves.

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