Is it healthy to have a close friend as a Ex?

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Now before I get into today’s topic, I saw  good question on twitter. The question was “Ladies, if a dude had flowers sitting in the car for you on the first date. Would y’all say he’s doing too much?” Me personally as a man, I think flowers is not a terrible thing but I would wait until the third or fourth date. But for the women reading this question, comment below and tell what you think about this!


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Now is it healthy to have a Ex as a close friend? 


Unless you have a child with your ex, I don’t see an good reason why a person would communicate with their Ex. I believe if somebody is still in contact with their ex, then they probably stilling fucking.

The top three reasons why I believe people still keep in contact : 

  1. They still love you
  2. You still love them
  3. You’re lonely


Just a few questions for you to think about!

  1. If you just got in a new relationship and your new partner is close friends with their ex, how would you feel?
  2. If your current partner was invited to dinner by their ex, and your current partner was willing to go to dinner with their ex, how would you respond?
  3. Have you ever kept in contact with your ex, while dating somebody new and did the current partner know that you was still in contact with your ex?
  4.  Is it possible to have a successful relationship with your new partner, if you just broke up with your ex?
  5. Besides the three reasons I listed above, why do you think people still keep in contact with their ex?
  6. What if you was friends with your ex first before ya got together, now after ya realized a relationship between ya isn’t the best option and ya just rather remain friends, would you expect your new partner to accept the fact that you are friends with your ex?


Pick at least 2 out of the six questions and comment below and if you have any questions, feel free to comment!


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9 thoughts on “Is it healthy to have a close friend as a Ex?

  1. I definitely agree with the fact that a strong relationship with your ex should only be a co-parenting relationship. But if it’s a great co-parenting relationship where the relationship ended amicably, I can see the two having a friendship. But there are boundaries. Out of respect, if you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t have contact with an ex. There’s no reason. It doesn’t mean you have to hate them, or not say hello when crossing paths.

    • This was actually worded perfectly. Maybe this comment should of been in this post because this was so accurate. I believe you can be civil with your ex and all but you and your ex should not be hanging and definitely your ex should not be invited to your wedding. You’ll be surprised by how many people still keep in contact with their ex while dating their current partner.

  2. Yeah I wouldn’t be comfortable with that at all. But it depends! If your ex and you dated in middle school and under, those relationships can’t be taken seriously. High school, you typically meet your first love. You’re not about to be best friends with your first love lol. But I’m seeing more successful blended family these days. Will, Jada and his ex-wife are super close. It grew from their co-parenting relationship. Willie Moore Jr. has a great relationship with his oldest son’s mother and her husband. It takes maturity, respect, boundaries and no insecurities.

    • You made a valid point about junior high school. What you said is precise because junior high school is minor. Will smith and his ex-wife are good friends that is true. Also I think Andre 3000 and erkah badu are good friends as well. I can’t even lie, I don’t know who Willie Moore is lol.
      It would be easy if everybody married their high school sweet heart and if their first relationship was the only relationship lol.
      One thing I would say is that to never date and rush into a relationship after you just went through a break up

      • Exactly no doubt! This really depends on the maturity level of yourself and your ex.
        But at the same time, with the exception of communicating with your ex, would your current partner be okay with you communicating with your ex and trust that nothing is going on with you and your Ex?
        Would you trust your current partner if your current partner communicated with their ex and they did not have kids together?

      • I am a bad measure because I don’t feel a need to be glue BUT I would say if I see or hear anything which makes me uncomfortable, I would say something. Communicating what you are un comfortable with not what makes you insecure is important. I think we each need to work out our insecurities and not tied them like a noose around our love ones necks. Eventually we may strangle them.

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