Life Is Hard

Life in split second decisions.

A division of situations.

Life is not a broken toy

so never a replacement.

It’s only one shot, and we have

to take it.

We either aim and hit the target

or miss by a long shot.

A miss shot can kill us when

life shoots back.

Blood leaks from a wound

that defines mistakes and excuses.

It’s always easier said than done.

Dreams don’t lie, it can reveal a ton.

I made a mistake or did I?

I am more miserable or am I?

I believe in myself, or do I?

How to realize when you are control in your life?

A dream is a secret wish in a disguise.

Do you ever wish a dream can last forever

when real life feels like it got much colder?

Logic and emotions are like cats and dogs.

Mixed emotions is the fog that make it difficult to view.

A dream was a preview of tomorrow’s news.

A message of hidden clues, to tell you what to do.

We try our best, but fear doesn’t take a rest.

It disturbs someone’s rest as a distraction to steal peace.

Little by little, it takes a piece of your peace

until you got robbed of everything

that gave you peace

so now you become desperate just for a moment of peace,

it turns you into a selfish being.

Drugs and alcohol all of a sudden

becomes a great reason

to subdue the overthinking.

But yet it’s still a lose lose situation

because somebody’s heart could get broken

for the time wasting.

Unpurposely you are guilty until you don’t know who you are anymore and this feeling hurts.

Raised well but yet, felt like you committed every crime that exist, and yet you have a clean record.

3 thoughts on “Life Is Hard

  1. A lesson learned is a lesson earned and you said this well my man. This was deep and real. I love what you were saying about dreams because that speaks so much truth. Dreams are a preview of the future and though life can get hard, if we hang on to our dreams then it can get a little easier. I like the second guessing verses as well because people go through that a lot but the paradox is that you only get one shot and you mixed that lesson in well. This was a great write and a lesson that can be taught.

  2. This was a very good explanation. I was stressed out last week so I had to write this to clear my head.
    I been having weird dreams lately tbh.
    Thank you for your support bro

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