Was Leaving God The Best Choice?

This poem express opposite opinions depending which way you read it. This was my first time I wrote a poem in reverse and it was a challenge. Please forgive me if this don’t make sense. I will edit this eventually.

I am a failure
and I reject the fact that
I am a savior.
I realize this may be a shock, but
me having potential of being a pastor,
is a lie.
Blessings is not guaranteed every hour
In 30 years, I will tell the youth that
I have my responsibilities straight because
The devil’s tactics
is more prominent than
praying to Jesus.
Jesus is at the top of the ladder,
but this is will not matter,
humans continue to kill each other.
Satan is unconquerable
and I do not believe that
God is almighty and powerful.
Since I don’t always make the best choice,
the best choice

was leaving God

Now re-read this poem from bottom to top(in reverse).

7 thoughts on “Was Leaving God The Best Choice?

  1. This was a really good shot at doing a reverse poem for the first time! Love the message in this. There’s despair reading it from the top to bottom, but hope and power reading from the bottom to the top. Love this!

      • I bet it was! I’ve been curious to try reverse poems for a while now, but I’m always worried that it will not flow right when reading it backwards. Sometimes we can know what we want to say, but executing it is another ball game. Lol.

        You’re very welcome! Keep up the amazing work!

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