Poem Duet (A conversation about money)

David’s Verse:

Money creates the most stress in life.
Currency is needed to stay current
because of lack of funds
have the power to make your character old fashion.
Goals to achieve in life is a huge attraction
like NYC skyscrapers and a Garden City mansion“.


Tiffanee’s Verse:

Money forces reality to hit as the real status of the bank account sits.
Seeing the paycheck received lights up every twinkle in your eye. But the responsibility coming your way there’s no choice but, to kiss it goodbye.
The rent is due, groceries need to be bought, that car you drive every day needs to be paid. $500 to your name and you forgot about the dinner plans you made with your friend that day.

Dreams of a comfortable life: roof over your head, food to eat, job you like.
Sometimes money problems cause a lot of strife in life.
You worry you can’t maintain the old life you once lived, the new things going on changes you.
You realize really quick that you ain’t no fool.
You wisen up on how to save, all those money decisions you used to make aren’t necessarily craved.

Money can be the root of all evil but, if used wisely maybe it can be for good.
Tight binds, scheduled payments it can keep you on track. Life will always have it’s challenges but, at least managing money will prepare you for that.”


David’s Verse:

“Money changes character
like a leaf that can change a color.
Personalities become foul like a strong odor
from the zoo.
Money is the root of all evil, this is old news.
Money is needed to build more churches and better schools,
but it’s spend in the hood buying weed to look cool.
Never a balance, the broke has low self esteem,
the rich is arrogant.
Almost impossible to find that perfect balance.
How do you find the right amount of confidence?
There is a science to this madness called crime.
Lack of currency, scrilla, paper, or however you wanna phrase it, increases the murder rate.
But an abundance of this material that cause evil
have the ability to not only change personality, but to change physical shape of our bodies.
Asses and breast pop up like pop ups on computer screens.
Tattoos and piercings cover our bodies,
rappers in unison in public have the environment looking like a prison yard.
Life is always hard, but remember money make people appear out of nowhere like magic.
People will begin to follow and stalk on you, you are a target and your followers are on stealth mode.
Compliments, hugs and kisses don’t mean shit, when money is in your pocket.
This is a cold world when pocket full of money, so keep a gun nearby and keep it off safety.”


5 thoughts on “Poem Duet (A conversation about money)

  1. I loved this duet about the poisonous paper. Love how you both mentioned how money can be the root of all evil cause that is so true. Then she put a positive spin on it stating if people used it for good in a good way, it could flourish and you kept it in the middle ground showing it from the not so responsible perspective of how people would spend it. It was almost like one of those poetic choices poems you two put together, it’s awesome. Solo, duet, stage and books… I’m waiting for your screen debut!

    • This was a team a effort. Poem duets are so fun. I see why you like doing these so much bro. It may take a while but one day eventually.
      I do want to do open mics tho I just don’t have time.
      You ever been to a open mic before?

      • And a great team effort it was. Collaborations are fun and they take time and teamwork but that’s why they’re fun. Two styles working on a similar subject can really make you see how much you have in common, and it may surprise oneself.
        Open mics take time and prep, but time is like fishing…more often than not you’ll get a bite. When you do, catch it and cook it bro!😉. The closest I’ve come to open mics is I’ve done speeches on stage and I’ve watched an episode of yours, I’ve never been to one. They seem intense at times.

      • Its very amazing working as team. Sometimes when two styles don’t mix, people can bump heads though.
        Open mics are nerve wrecking. Performing spoken word is even harder tbh.
        But what makes it better is even when you mess up, the crowd don’t boo, they will support you no matter what

      • Teamwork is amazing, and true you can bump heads or like me and my partner, you can discover identical styles in each other.
        Open mics do seem tough, that’s really cool how the audience is behind you no matter what though, that really instills confidence in a person. Like I said, yours was awesome.

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