I’m Tired Of Living

Explain how I feel

or describe what I see

I articulate what’s real

and neglect every dream.

When I close my eyes

my mind begins to speak.

It feels like real life

even though I fell asleep.

I wake up to a new day

and never enough sleep.

Weariness on my face

makes my brain asleep.

Life is a pool

and the water is deep.

Its calm and cool

but I lack the technique.

Can’t stroke or float

Can’t move or breathe

Not a sailing ship or boat

so my large body will sink

I’m a penny in the toilet

no choice but to sink

breathless and voiceless

I’m not feather or a leaf.

No air in my lungs

and I can’t see

I’m not a talking sponge

and I will drown in sea.

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