Why Is It Hard For Women

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3 thoughts on “Why Is It Hard For Women

  1. Loved that episode my man and I liked the percentages you put on the three categories also. In my opinion even if a guy had all three, some women would still cheat just like a guy would on a female with good looks who cooks and cleans as Emeniem would say.
    Sex and money goes hand and hand but bad sex will change the personality I think and that will affect the relationship in the long run quick. And when it comes to money, a woman doesn’t wanna carry a man and she sure doesn’t wanna carry him in the bedroom either so that can drive her to seek satisfaction elsewhere. It’s hard because they want to keep what they have but seek what they’re lacking, woman want to introduce the nice guy to their parents but introduce the bad boy to their bedroom…..some women. They’re are some women out there willing to change with their man, not change him, change with him and those are the relationships that get easy. If love is truly there, money doesn’t matter cause if they’re one, then they care for each other. Their personalities will soon combine, but like you said…sex…that’s the experiment they’ll have to work at with each other without tutors.😉
    Wonderful segment bro!

    • This comment right here should of been on the podcast episode.
      This one was flawless.
      You are abosultely right, in public women want a gentleman they can bring home to their parents, but behind close doors, they want a bad boy with rhythm.
      I think bad sex can affect the relationship.
      I feel like if the sex is bad, woman might be patient at first but eventually it could really destory the relationship in the end. I think it also depends on why the sex is bad because every bad sex situation is different.
      But you right tho, no matter you have to offer people wilm still cheat regardless.
      The reason why I hold sex and money so high in a relationship/marriage is because those are the two most common reasons why ppl get divorced/breakup.
      I am going to do a part 2 and give secondary reasons what women look for in a man.
      Personality, money, sex is greatly increase the chances of making a relationship last but there are other secondary factors that could destroy compainship that I didn’t mention in this episode

      • You are correct my man, they want their cake and they want to eat it too….it’s natural.
        And yes, sex can affect a relationship…sad but true but that can be a good or bad thing for the couple. But charm makes everyone cheat in the end perhaps, maybe that’s why it’s 50 percent😁!!
        Looking forward to your part 2, keep speaking truth my man!!

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