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Below I have three questions for everybody that’s in a relationship or married. The first 2 questions were asked by my girlfriend and I liked these thought provoking questions.

If you were single and had one shot left at love would you choose your Ex at least knowing who you’re dealing with or gamble and pick a “Next”, a person who could be better or worse than the last situation?

What are topics between us that you think would be difficult to bring up or talk about with each other? Us specifically or between couples?

If you just started dating somebody, is necessary to speak to your significant other on the phone everday? Also could you be in a relationship with somebody that rather text than speak on the phone?

Pick one question out of the three that caught your interest and comment below your answer!

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  1. I’ll give my opinion on the first question.. Personally.. I’d rather gamble and pick the next one… I mean 90% of the guys I’ve had they cheated… And due to my past experience and what is always said…before one corrects his or her Ways to stick to one woman it will take alot.. And I mean… The next might be a Prince Charming… Or a lesson too… So I’d rather gamble… But not any of my exes

  2. I have something to say about them all but I pick #3. The first stages of dating and getting to know someone “new” is very important – communication is definitely important during this time and yes, I feel as though each person should talk on the phone daily as their time allows. This is how you get to know someone and learn about them, their patterns, work schedule and etc. Once you’ve reached a point in the relationship where you’ve created a foundation (if you both have decided that you want to go exclusive) then, I feel as though you don’t have to call each other every single day. By this time you should know the person well enough to know that they’ll get back to you when they can and vice versa.

    • Perfect answer right here! I asked this question because I won’t ‘lie, I hate speaking on the phone lol. In fact, I tell ppl to not call me unless its an emergency.
      On he first 2 questions, I may one day write a poem on these questions.
      Thank you for your answer

      • Hahaha! I know, people don’t like the phone these days and I understand it but I’d rather hear a person’s voice. “Don’t call unless it’s an emergency” – toooooo funny! Yes, I would love to hear your poems on the subject or even a podcast.

  3. 1) there’s a reason why someone is your ex. If it’s just a timing issue, like you were in different cities, but now you’re not, then go for it. Otherwise…your initial instinct was probably right
    2) sex and money….lack of….are always the hardest to broach with a partner
    3) nothing is necessary, and sometimes time…..but two people in a relationship need to speak to each other, and it needs to increase as the relationship lengthens. Texting is fine, but there are nuances to actual conversations that can’t be replicated. Communication is integral to a good relationship. If you’re not communicating, how are you 8n a relationship?

    • I definitely do agree with number 2. Those topics could break somebody’s heart.
      Now as far as number 3, tbh I hate speaking on the phone and I think its only necessary for emergency. I rather text.

      • I am also a texter…I rarely talk on the phone…But… you develop a relationship you need the one to one contact….I don’t think I could hav3 a relationship with my husband if we mainly communicated via text…too many ways to misinterpret things…there’s a level of intimacy from actual talking

  4. Even though I’m single, I really do find these questions fascinating and very thought-provoking. If I could answer a question I would like to answer question number 1, if that’s okay?

    1) I think I would take a risk and choose to be with someone new. Whether it works out, or not, it’s still a lesson learned and earned. True, the “Next” may be worse than the “Ex”, but the purpose of dating is to learn what your boundaries are, to discover new things about yourself as well as the people in this world. Life is a school and how can we evolve if we stay in the same grade forever? (aka – Keep dating our exes).

    Really love this post, my friend! Great questions here!

    • You can answer, you always welcomed to give your opinion.
      I agree with your answer.
      Life is like school but the only difference is that in school you learn the lesson and take the test.
      In life, you get tested and if fail you learn you leson after.
      I would as well start with somebody new.
      Meeting new people is how you grow.
      I appreicate your response and have a good day!

  5. 2) I’ve been married for 13 years and the hardest topic to talk about isn’t money or sex, it’s hardest talking about your feelings. Being vulnerable enough to discuss how your spouse made you feel when they did or didn’t do something takes a lot of humility but it’s necessary to continue to grow and learn together. Being vulnerable is hard for most people. It’s uncomfortable and awkward but worth it. I’ve found a lot of good bible based information on how to improve intimate communication at

    • I could definitely understand this point of view. Describing how u feel is a frightening experince.
      Telling the truth is not easy by any means

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