8 thoughts on “Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

  1. Loved this podcast, you offered good tips and I wouldn’t have guessed it was just coming off the top of your head. I’m so proud of you David! I see you have several podcast out, I gotta catch up. Listening to everything about life now. Keep up the good work hon!! Much Love =)

    • Thank you for listening to my podcast!. I got like 9 episode I think. “Everything About Life” is a hour long tho so you might have to take a break. A lot of my episodes are on the spot, I don’t rehearse of of them. You are part of the reason why i started to do a podcast believe it or not. I remember a while back you told me to use sound cloud to recite. Prior to that, I never thought about no sound cloud or podcast so I thank you for this opportunity

      • Awww! David!!!! Well, to God be the glory. I was just responding to the GIANT that was on the inside of you. You have what it takes to do amazing things in this world and your voice, candidness and real life talk is what will open the doors I believe to many more things to come. I’m going to keep listening, even while I’m away. I love the podcast!!!! Keep’em coming =)

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