She Is A Flirt

Black leggins , ass shows, shes a flirt.

She blew a kiss at the Jill Scott concert.

Black heels, leggings match, captivating

And I front like my dick not erecting.

Instinct like tarzan being king of the jungle.

I know you don’t love me, headed for trouble

Ass twerking, titties poppin, moves seductive.

Eyes watching like celebrities at the red carpet entrance.

Eyes flashin, a gurdain angel built like Satan

leading to a sticky situations.

Hoes don’t trust them, but I don’t listen.

Thought I was forever untouchable,

but god made my persona humbled.

Because yesterday I was Superman,

but today begging for backup plans.

Long strokes made my heart pumps,

and the sperm cums.

I blast it simutanteloulsy,

while beatin it like tap drums.

Release it in 30 seconds like five long deep breaths.

Wished had butter hands to miss this catch

when she threw her name in my palms.

Flirtatious adavnces, extremely contiguous,

made sins outrageous, thoart sore and face sweats.

Stench of dirreherra in my sweats.

Intercourse was raw like Eddie Murphy scene.

Had her on her kness, her thighs my face was in between

but she put me in a wheel cheer intentionally.

The lust was addicting like candy, her voice was tempting, she moved seductively, my strokes were sastfiying, but yet secretly destroying me, when sperm kept cuming like royalty checks for publishing poetry.

The lust is still addicting, I’m admitting

in embrasssement, since her sudden disappearance, I’m still ejacaulating, for hallcuintating, that releasing of semen.

Damn she was a freak and damn she was a flirt.

5 thoughts on “She Is A Flirt

  1. That’s how she gets them, tease, taunt, tantalize and let you taste. After that…all you have is the after thought on your face….and your mind. Guess that’s part of the people who don’t come with the 90 day rule😉!! Flirts will flaunt, it’s like Chris Rock said, plutonic friends, the ones you call in case of emergency. You can laugh, cry and flirt with em!

    • Lol good point. I posted something bout 90 day rule not too long ago 😁😁
      Lust is a hell of a drug. Shit after reading, gonna make me practice abstinence for a while.
      You can’t trust ppl with ur body unprotected until that person get tested.
      Sad part is even getting tested don’t 100% guarantee safety.

      • 😂. Yeah, I read your 90 day rule also and I loved it 😁
        You’re right, lust is a powerful drug and it’s used by many for gain to get what one wants, especially women who know men are feigning for it. And yes, test aren’t fail safe these days, all test can be failed, nowadays you gotta really do your homework because lust can get you detention and flirts will flunk a person up! 😉

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