Life In Jail

Have plenty of responsibilities
but need a break, a 15 minute visit.
The phone to my ear, while taking
to those of you on the other side of the glass.
Mental slavery is worst than physical slavery.
Limited movement due to lack of freedom
the burden weighs very heavily
and breaking me down mentally.
A very long and arduous journey
wishing on a freedom that’s never guaranteed.
No matter how many times I change channel
still nothing on TV.
No matter how many times the menu switch,
my belly is still empty.
Food is so nasty.
No matter how many times I exercise
I gain weight, but still feel scrawny.
No matter how many times I clean
the stench in the environment is still nasty.
A bad dream you never wake up from.
Noisy environment loud enough to hurt your ear drums.
So I have pleasant dreams in my sleep
and waking up to a nightmare.
Life is a nightmare with my worst fears.
Trying to move forward but constantly
looking back
Life is a shank that waits around the corner at a blind spot
watching me, calculating my every move.
Once in life’s view, it strikes at the side at my peripheral.
I’m leaking on the floor without any towels and tissues.
A scar for life across the body makes me angry, and holds me back mentally.
Paranoid as hell, every movement now I make
have me overthinking.
Life is a life sentence and its makes me lonely.
Going to bed with sexual images in my mind
and I wake up horny.
Its a situation where a dream just stay a dream
and never comes true.
I, as a person will never grow, but the paranoia just grew.
Just raise a caveman from dead and give him a position
In the Information Technology department.
Just think about that and imagine that?

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