She Is A Flirt

Black leggins , ass shows, shes a flirt.

She blew a kiss at the Jill Scott concert.

Black heels, leggings match, captivating

And I front like my dick not erecting.

Instinct like tarzan being king of the jungle.

I know you don’t love me, headed for trouble

Ass twerking, titties poppin, moves seductive.

Eyes watching like celebrities at the red carpet entrance.

Eyes flashin, a gurdain angel built like Satan

leading to a sticky situations.

Hoes don’t trust them, but I don’t listen.

Thought I was forever untouchable,

but god made my persona humbled.

Because yesterday I was Superman,

but today begging for backup plans.

Long strokes made my heart pumps,

and the sperm cums.

I blast it simutanteloulsy,

while beatin it like tap drums.

Release it in 30 seconds like five long deep breaths.

Wished had butter hands to miss this catch

when she threw her name in my palms.

Flirtatious adavnces, extremely contiguous,

made sins outrageous, thoart sore and face sweats.

Stench of dirreherra in my sweats.

Intercourse was raw like Eddie Murphy scene.

Had her on her kness, her thighs my face was in between

but she put me in a wheel cheer intentionally.

The lust was addicting like candy, her voice was tempting, she moved seductively, my strokes were sastfiying, but yet secretly destroying me, when sperm kept cuming like royalty checks for publishing poetry.

The lust is still addicting, I’m admitting

in embrasssement, since her sudden disappearance, I’m still ejacaulating, for hallcuintating, that releasing of semen.

Damn she was a freak and damn she was a flirt.

Do You Feel Unwanted

Skating on thin ice, taking a risk on my life.

Confused like the identity of a dyke.

Am I afraid like the 40 year virgin trying to get laid?

I complain about wanting more money, but do I want to get paid?

I complain about reckless people, but do I really want to play it safe?

I tell myself I am going to make it, but will my talent go to waste?

It’s me aginst the world and suicide is tempting like being freaky to a Tupac temeptations song,

but unlike Paul, these negative thoughts I am learning to ignore

by listening to a gospel song

even though the devil finds his way in the church.

Should the church doors be locked at all times

since the demons are at work?

With the good, comes the bad, like a young lady with a pretty face and no ass,

or a nice ass with a unbeautiful face?

But am I sinning again for judging something I didn’t create?

How can I place criticism on something I didn’t help build or help create?

Well other people do it all the time so I should follow the crowd?

Is that a good reason why I should smoke loud?

Is that good reason why I should continue pulling down her panties underneath her night gown

knowing that I don’t plan to wear a glove when peoples intentions is brutally cold like russia during WW2.

An STD do comes unexpectedly like a dream just came true.

Back and fourth thinking what should I do?

The demons are active like volcanoes and

are on the loose

and I’m screaming like simba when witnessing

his dad slipping

when scar was the one that let his grip loose.

Never trust a hand that didn’t raise you or feed you.

Everbody in this world don’t have a mind that’s 1+1 = 2.

We are all suppose to be created equal, but that line in the constitution is deceitful.

Racism is alive and its a disgiuse between the eyes.

Sexism against girlfriends and wives, so protection is deprived.

Young ladies in this world are the remainders

since satan divides.

Men only want to be fruitful, but some

unintentionally multiply

but when a fetus comes to life, a man is subtracted, stress and anger is added,

famililes is now divided.

Life blows like a sega genesis cartridge.

Marriage almost damn near facing extinction

and its hard to make a relationship work

when your partner doesn’t have what it takes to make it work.

So when your birthday comes up, ever think to yourself, was you an unwanted birth?

From Interracial couples, True Love, and Black People

This post is about my feelings on interracial couples, why I think true love is hard to find and black people as a whole.

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90 Day Rule




  1. Have any of you ever read the Steve Harvey book “Act like a lady, Think like a man” book?
  2.  Is 90 day too long to wait for sex?
  3. Is 90 day too soon to have sex?

Life In Jail

Have plenty of responsibilities
but need a break, a 15 minute visit.
The phone to my ear, while taking
to those of you on the other side of the glass.
Mental slavery is worst than physical slavery.
Limited movement due to lack of freedom
the burden weighs very heavily
and breaking me down mentally.
A very long and arduous journey
wishing on a freedom that’s never guaranteed.
No matter how many times I change channel
still nothing on TV.
No matter how many times the menu switch,
my belly is still empty.
Food is so nasty.
No matter how many times I exercise
I gain weight, but still feel scrawny.
No matter how many times I clean
the stench in the environment is still nasty.
A bad dream you never wake up from.
Noisy environment loud enough to hurt your ear drums.
So I have pleasant dreams in my sleep
and waking up to a nightmare.
Life is a nightmare with my worst fears.
Trying to move forward but constantly
looking back
Life is a shank that waits around the corner at a blind spot
watching me, calculating my every move.
Once in life’s view, it strikes at the side at my peripheral.
I’m leaking on the floor without any towels and tissues.
A scar for life across the body makes me angry, and holds me back mentally.
Paranoid as hell, every movement now I make
have me overthinking.
Life is a life sentence and its makes me lonely.
Going to bed with sexual images in my mind
and I wake up horny.
Its a situation where a dream just stay a dream
and never comes true.
I, as a person will never grow, but the paranoia just grew.
Just raise a caveman from dead and give him a position
In the Information Technology department.
Just think about that and imagine that?

When Love Is Not Lasting

What’s the matter?
What’s the confusion?
It’s suppose to last forever
so why this conclusion?
Incorrect hypothesis
lead to an unsolved mystery.
Murder in the 1st degree
a relationship is just another casualty.
Everyday love is found
Everyday love is lost.
Some days, love is peaceful
Some days, love is at war.
Some days are heaven
Some days feel like
the battle of Armageddon.
Victory we seek
but not guaranteed
because only one choice is worthy
out of two outcomes.
Romantic relations arrive
like weekly income
but most can’t manage to save it
and make it last.
Disagreements and arguments
are more ruthless, leading
to hurt feelings
but yet on Instagram,
the smiles wide
like Cumulonimbus clouds
in the sky.
Deep inside the cloud
it’s defined as a nimbostratus.
Dark raining cloud above
your relationship
gave you a complicated status.
We try to demonstrate hood actions
but disagreements hold more weight
since agreements is light
like a feather
and yet the weather is bright
How ironic right?
Sometimes things are not meant to be
Maybe because love is preexisting,
Meaning your heart is a hard drive
with a partition that’s stored with memories
of previous love letters and romantic dates
images of a previous face.
You refuse to erase the data stored
and don’t have much space
for a new face.



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