My Love Is Everlasting

I can save your soul
and love you 1000 ways
I adore you like gold
You’ll forever dwell in 1st place
You are my trophy
and I have made space
Inside my heart
which is home
where I provide space
for your precious face
which imitates a diamond
shine like police sirens.
A sweet taste
of your breast
on my tounge
Your the Colgate
that santazies
my gums
and keep me healthy
like plums.
Our differences mix
together well
like rum
in apple cider.
like shells
on the beach
when united together.
No matter the weather
A dark storm or bright sunlight
its always a bright day
and I love the smile on your face.
and I plan to keep it that way.
I look tough but my love for you
is more than enough.
I love you more than life.
I will love you until the day I die.
Like a plane in the sky,
I feel high.
Relaxed and feel like I’m
in a different zone, different world
but my lungs is healthy
heart full of love.
I provide entertainment and
you love to watch me
like a sitcom.

6 thoughts on “My Love Is Everlasting

  1. “Our differences mix together well like rum in apple cider”, I love that because of the true message it sends. Mixing differences to become one in the same makes a beautiful combination, a wonderful drink and you expressed that perfectly. That’s what makes love last, and when you have a special shelf on your heart for that prize you fought for, it’s a gorgeous thing and you also outlined that too. Words that will make love last forever as the song would say, you said it best my man.😊

    • Two are like snowflakes and no 2 people are alike. Love last when you try to get to know the person first and learn the similarities and differences first. When both people have an end goal to find happiness then the relationship will usually(not always) prosper

      I might write another poem about how 2 people can have good intentions and still not work out. I might try to upload it tonight

      Thank you for your input!

      • So very true, relationships work when the two work together. It’s not about changing each other, it’s about changing with each other. Love your words.
        That sounds interesting, loving but not lasting, a common problem that’s not understood because if both wants it, what reason don’t they have to make it work? It’s in them.
        Keep it going my man.

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