I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 2)

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I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)



 Through out this series just so there is no confusion, I will be doing flashbacks where I may be describing a scene between characters where the characters are describing a scene that took place in the past. I hope all of reading this will enjoy this story because I have worked hard on this and I appreciate your support. 

Chapter 2

I’ve been with  James(Brittany’s Sugar Daddy) for a little over two years now but we known each other for a while.Image result for flashback gif Image result for arrows gif

We met at a strip club two years ago and I use to be a part time stripper. Stripping wasn’t my favorite profession but it paid the bills and my moves on the pole was cold as steel, but I was getting tired of this shit.

Selling the idea of sex and projecting yourself as sexy isn’t that easy when you not always feeling the mood.

All I knew was that I needed a sugar daddy like for real.Ever since junior high, I had attention from most of the guys.

My friends told me that I would be an amazing stripper because I had the type of ass that would make the average man dick harder than a block of ice.

This type of ass and my sexy ass skin complexion is what actually gave James social life some life.

To be honest when I first laid eyes on him,I knew he was lame.He had on the type of outfit where he was dressing like he can audition for “Save by the Bell”.

His black pants was so tight, he didn’t even need a belt.He had some weird looking bright ass yellow shirt that was probably brought from Target,plus he was wearing some white sketchers that matched my bedroom’s carpet.

James dressed like shit.

But one thing I know that the average stripper don’t know is that lame guys with no type of swag always have a fat wallet.

This ain’t junior high school , this is the real world and popularity to me don’t mean shit.

I knew James wouldn’t resist because I know I’m a bad bitch.

So you know, I go to where he was sitting at and I started giving him a lap dance without his permission.

His dick grew a little like Pinocchio’s nose but when I felt it though, it felt kind of small.

Overall compared to the average man’s physique,James is pretty small.He is about 5ft4, weigh about 130 pounds.

But I’ll excuse that because I’m curious to see how much $ is in his bank account.

So eventually I made small talk with him, boosted his ego, rubbed his penis, and twerked my ass in his face.

He started moaning loud and I believed by his face expression he nutted on himself.

I almost laughed out loud and it was hard to keep my laughter in.

I was almost certain he was a virgin.

I decided to ask him if he was and when I did, he was hesitant to answer.

I repeated myself, but this time I made my tone a little more sexier.

He told me wasn’t but has very little experience and suffers from premature ejaculation.

I was almost hesitant to do this, but  I whispered in James  left ear and offered him to buy me a Whiskey Sour.

So he went to the bar and got me drink.

He asking me questions like what your name, where you from, how old are you, and what made you become a stripper?

After I answered all of his questions, I was straight to the point with him and told him for 100 dollars I was willing to suck and ride his cock.

I gave him a offer he couldn’t refuse even though his swag is something I don’t approve I was just using him for financial needs because he was a nice guy and a sucka.

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               2 Year Later

One thing I was grateful for was that James moved me from the hood and promised me everything he could provide.

He really thinks that I love him and that I will one day will be his wife,but I ain’t bout that life.

This situation that me and him got was built off of lies.He don’t even know I’m fucking Kile(Jame’s college student) on the side.

The hospital I work at is not far from where Kile lives and all I know is this nightstick is black, long and thick.

He too is a cheater like me for not being satisfied in his  marriage.

But it’s not just in sex his marriage he is lacking.

So here I am two years later asking myself  why am I with this lame ass n*gga?

I mean he got a lot of figures but yet has an unattractive figure.

Sometimes I am bitter and have regrets for being a gold digga when I laid eyes on my next door neighbor and I am lusting hard after this fine as brother. 

Discussion Questions


  1. If you could use one word to describe Brittany, what word would you use?If you could use one word, to describe James, what word would that be?
  2. Can you have a successful marriage if you are married to a stripper?
  3. Why do you think James was at the strip club in the first place?
  4. Who do you think the next door neighbor that Brittany is referring to, is it Kile or somebody else?
  5. For Chapter 3, would you like to hear this story from James point of view or Kile’s point of view?
  6. Do you think James know that Brittany is having an affair his Kile, his college student?
  7. What subject do you think James teaches at college?
  8. Do you think this story is the prequel to my stories I written in the past “Don’t Tell A Soul(Chapter 1), Don’t Tell A Soul(Part 2), and Don’t Tell A Soul Part 3?
  9. What’s more powerful money or lust?
  10. Can you be happy in your marriage if you are not attracted to your spouse, but your spouse has the perfect personality that matches yours?

 Chapter 3 will be uploaded on April. I will be taking a break from uploading post because I am focusing on study for my Comptia A+ certification but I will still be around to read from other bloggers so in the mean time please follow me on





Quote of The Day- “Talent without popularity takes a while to get recognized but popularity is the substitute of the truth when the talent is lacking” – David Hockaday    

7 thoughts on “I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 2)

  1. I think Brittney is a gold digger like Kanye West would say and James is just oblivious to everything. Marriage takes trust, being married to a stripper is bound to cause some insecurities in the relationship, the saying some people coin is “You can’t turn a ho into a housewife”. If a wife is a stripper, that’s disrespectful to her spouse in a way in my opinion. To many risk factors, that’s like the husband being a pimp, would the wife be okay?
    I think James was at the club out of loneliness, curiosity and the attempt to rescue a broken woman because he is financially stable. Guys often try to rescue woman who feel sex is their only way out of situations by promising to take care of them for companionship. I think this next door neighbor Brittney is referring to is the character from part one, that’s my guess. I’m not sure if that was Kile or not. I think James is oblivious to Britney cheating and if he did find out, he’d probably live in denial because he’s one of those “Saved by the Bell” geeks. He needs her.
    I don’t know what James teaches but it sure isn’t common knowledge with how he’s being played like a kid on recess. I’d like to hear the next chapter from James point of view to see how he landed at the strip club, his relationship with Kile, his thoughts on Brittney and if his attachment is strong to her? Is he wrapped tightly around her finger as she thinks or does this teacher have a lesson of his own?
    If you’re not attracted to your spouse, the relationship is already on the decline because you yourself have already started giving up. It takes equal share to make it work, the partner can’t and shouldn’t be expected to make to make their spouse love them.
    I believe in money, power and respect. First you get the money, and that’s what gets you power. After you get the power, niggas will respect you. ~ The Lox~
    Love this part 2 my man, keep it coming and good luck on your exams!!!

    • This was an excellent comment
      ” don’t know what James teaches but it sure isn’t common knowledge with how he’s being played like a kid on recess. ” lmao yeah James is sucka or is he? We will see what is up his sleeve in the futrue. it will be a while until I upload part 3. This story is a prequel to a story i wrote a while ago. I’m trying to make this series like some R Kelly trap in the closet type shit. I am going to see how far I can stretch this out.
      Unfourntely this stuff is real life tho because stuff like this happens all the time.
      I don’t want to say much but sometimes the person that may seem like the biggest fool usually has the most tricks up their sleeve.
      I recommend that no man should never wife up a stripper but then again that’s his choice and i don’t judge. Not every stripper has bad intentions but I would wait until she make more progress and change her life around before I attempt to make a move. Who knows maybe one day they can make a movie out of this. I appreciate your comment and the lox money power respect is old school song and thats fire

      • Hahaha, yeah… James is getting played but like I said, maybe the teacher has the final lesson. Looking forward to part 3 and I thought this was a continuation from your older stories. You can take this as far as you want, there’s no end to real stuff like this and the way you leave it open is magic, so it can go on and on.
        I don’t judge either, if a guy wants a stripper, that’s on him and that’s his heart on the craps table but you’re right, I’d wait to see what the wife will shape into first. A movie, how about a series!!!😁😁
        And yeah, The Lox is about it.

      • This is a prequel to “Don’t Tell A Soul” .
        A series could be good and I could be the director 🤔🤔🤔🤔
        But thank you for your input bro.
        It means alot

      • Yeah, I thought so.
        Director…..has a nice “Ring” to it Thanos.😉
        Love reading your truth bro, keep it up and good luck with your testing.

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