Love Lost The War

On Thursday, I will be uploading part 2 of a story that  I am writing. Click the link below to read part 1

I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)


The scar on my heart is a permanent marker that don’t erase.
Emotions are flies, flying all over the damn place.
Tears was dripping down my face like wet grapes.
Forced to keep quiet like a mouth covered with duck tape.
Forced to keep quiet like a new inmate that just got raped.
A heartbreak gave me hallucinations like my weed was laced.
Like prison food, nasty like vomit but forced myself to swallow the taste.
Ashamed of my reflection, but my stiff neck force me to stare straight
to remind me of the disappointment look on my face.
A dream I that chased was a waste like leftover food when I couldn’t finish the plate.
I was frightened like the dog next door finally jumped over the gate.
Hesitant at first like I’m driving in a blizzard with bad brakes
and now regret it because it was an accident
like a rear in collision on the southern state.
Never found the antidote so negative energy surrounds my space.
No more happy days, so I no longer say grace
since my appetite escaped
my belly and you can see my face lost it’s weight
like 40 year old pregnant woman lost her shape
by gaining weight when comparing her modern pictures
to her high school days.
From love letters and heart shapes to boxes and crates.
Crying in silence with both hands covering my face
for reminiscing the times I held the left hand on romantic dates.

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Discussion Questions 


1. How long does it take to heal from a broken heart?

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2. How do you know when your heartbroken?

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3. Do you think forgiving someone that broke your heart will make you live longer?

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4. Do you think more people in this world would have broken hearts if everybody told truth and spoke what was on their mind and did not hold back any secrets?

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Comment below on your opinion of the four questions I provided?






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10 thoughts on “Love Lost The War

  1. Love the poem my man, symbolizing the feeling of regret and a heavy heart indeed. Feelings coming from all over the place but yet from one space, wonderfully stated.
    People get over broken hearts at different times and I think it depends on the support you have and how one buries and hides pain. With the right support, one doesn’t have to suppress the pain as much and can heal and move on without feeling unworthy. But lying to themself just prolongs the heartbreak.
    A person knows when they are heartbroken because their mood, outlook and opinions on feelings change and they become distant without even knowing it. They start pretending nothing bothers them and they approach potential friendships and relationships tentatively.
    They say honesty is the best policy and the truth shall set you free but there are many prisoners for telling the truth and many broken hearts for not lying. I think there would be a lot more weaker hearts but many more stronger minds if people spoke what was really on their minds. For some, the truth hurts because people judge because they don’t want to be judged. Honesty hurts but it heals.

    • You worded this perfectly and I enjoy reading you responses.
      You one of my favorite bloggers no lie.
      Defintely one of my top 3 followers.
      I completely agree with you when you said that people that are heartbroken pretend that nothing bothers them.
      As far as telling the truth, I do believe that people would be more cruel and insensitive because I think more people would be in jail, more people would be unemployed, divorcec rate would be higher, but at the same time crime would be harder to get away with making it easy for police officers, the suicide rate might be lower because people will admit right away that they have a problem and I think people would worker harder to improve themselves.
      This poem explains how people will pretend to be strong by pretending nothing is wrong in their lives but eventually behind close doors, you will break down like a car that’s over 250,000 miles

      • So very true my man, admittance would save you the trouble but yet cause you trouble at the same time. It’s the proverbial rock and a hard place. People can’t admit because they have an issue with truth. I love reading your truth, it’s real and makes you think reality and that’s no lie.

  2. I don’t know if you live longer but, I know for sure that you live happier…living witness ♥️

    Something the truth will set you free and sometimes the truth hurt. I’m a firm believer in picking and choosing your battles. 🤷🏽‍♀️☺️

    • Makes since forgivness washes the dirt that was making your mind and heart miserable.

      Truth is the key that will unlock the cell doors in you mind but sometimes the truth is like static eletric or electricity. It is the form of energy that does provide the light to help see and expose what was hiding in the dark side but sometimes light is too bright to the point you rather cover your eyes and be left in the dark. So it is about picking your battles to a degree

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