I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)

I want to thank one of my followers and her name is Rakkelle and she is an extremely talented writer and she talks about topics that are very relatable to most life experiences and she is very passionate about her blog and it looks very professional. So when you get a chance if you don’t know her, you should give her blog a visit. Rakkelle gave me this idea when she commented on one of my post “Watch “Soul Food Season 2 Episode 20 This Must Be Love” on YouTube“. So I am grateful for her comment she provided in the comment section.

A dream or nightmare I can’t distinguish.

Confusing as the semen is leaking.

These erotic images keep appearing.

Practicing intense fuck sessions

but yet what is the lesson?

I’m happily married is what I believe

until I see her and she sees me.

When I say her, I’m talking about my neighbor.

Lust is a motherfucka and I’m a sucka

for lust.

Blind towards true love,

and borderline of breaking trust

like a tinted window.

Cum stains on the pillow

irritates wifey for neglecting her needs.

She see’s right through my excuses.

Me being exhausted, she not having it.

She suggest that we seek counseling

but I know what the problem is.

My wifey is no longer attractive.

The weight gain on her belly

is atrocious.

The stretch mark on the back

of her neck is prominent.

She is physically not the woman

I fell in love with

In which makes me jealous

of my sexy ass neighbors punk ass 5ft5 husband.

Jealously make my cum shots explosive

like a erupting kilauea volcano.

For months straight jerking off

on my polyester sheets and pillows

is the absence of good hardcore fucking

for the past 3 months straight

and plus my wife got rid of the spice channels.

She hates it when I watch porno.

Now, I fell in love with wifey because of the blowjobs.

My cum she swallows more than

a new employee at a correctional facility

retaining information from the warden.

My kids were more than the average women

can chew, but wifey just swallows every drop

like a restroom hand dryer.

But years ago when I first met wifey

she was so much sexier.

The curves, the softness, ivory skin, eyes metallic,

the bond between us, shit the average person

could see how cohesive it was between us.

She made me come outta my shell

like a valence electron

since my thinking was negative like

the charge of electrons.

That was a few years back

and now the sex is wack.

The mood is mundane in the bedroom.

Our sex life is doomed

but I take full responsibility

because till this day my wifey try her hardest to please me

but swallowing my cum bucket of kids

don’t mean shit after she swallows it

because her stomach fat is still visible.

And last night she got the nerve to ask me

to take her shirt off since she was hot.

I immediately lost the hardness on my cock.

I lied and I told her I was getting nauseous.

She asked me

What the issue,

you don’t fuck me like you use to

you don’t kiss me like you use to

you don’t caress me in public like you use too

you be ignoring my naughty text messages,

you refuse when I offer you back massages,

you stop asking ask for blowjobs,

I have to beg you just to finger pop,

I have to beg you to lick the cherry,

and you haven’t wrote me poems lately.

I am your lady and even though

I love you for you and sex is not the most important thing,

in marriage sex is still a priority.

I miss how you use to stroke me roughly,

I miss how you use to pull my hair,

I miss you how you use fuck me into tears,

I remember at least 2 or 3 times you fucked me

and you wouldn’t stop until the neighbors would hear

to make them jealous.

But ever since the old neighbors moved out

and the new neighbors moved in,

I noticed a difference.

You look at Brittany(The sexy next door neighbor)

the same way you use to look at me,

You smile at Brittany

the same way you use to smile at me.

I know she just moved in but

how do you act way more friendly

with her

than with your own wifey?

I want you to explain that shit to me

I know that I gained weight

but I’m trying babe to lose it

but I travel a lot during the week

and it’s for me

to find something healthy to eat.

You know I had to cancel my gym membership

to pay for my parents funeral.

Do you know what it’s like knowing

you parents died in a car accident,

the agony is beyond real.

The thoughts in my head are so unreal.

I have a lot going on and your all that I

have left and I miss how things

between us use to be.

Sexual tension and energy between us

no longer exist and each of the memories

vanish in thin air like marijuana smoke.

I miss how the tip

use to bang against my tonsils.

I miss the choke

but now I feel like my life is suffocating

and the pressure is getting stronger.

Why do you insist on treating your wife like

a stranger?

Tell me why you don’t find me attractive

no more

and I’ll try my best to fix it?

I tried to hold back my laughter but I couldn’t.

I had to cover up my honesty and told her

that “Honey it’s not you,

I’m just not feeling you…….

wait shit lol, I meant well, well.”

Lol she saw right through the bullshit.

She sucked her teeth then just hopped in the bed

and fell fast asleep.

The fucked up part was that I didn’t feel bad.

to be honest, I didn’t give fuck.


1) Do you think wifey should seek counseling to save her marriage, or should she get a divorce?

2) If you had one word to describe wifey, what would say about her?

3) After reading this, do you think sex is a priority in a relationship?

4) In part 2, do you think the main character will have an affair with Brittany?

5) Is weight gain a good reason to stop having sex with your spouse?

6) Is being exhausted a good excuse for not wanting to have sex or is that a weak ass excuse and people need to learn to overcome their sleepiness since sex is a priority?

7) Give me an example of a double entendre I provided in this story?

8) How important is physical attraction in a marriage?

9) After you answer number 8, let’s say after being married for some time and you start losing the interest and physical attraction towards you spouse, will you make excuses to avoid having sex?

10) Now vice versa, let’s say your spouse lost interest in you physically, how would that make you feel, do you think that your spouse no longer being attracted to you is a good reason to not want to have sex with you, how long is going too long with out sex in marriage, and if you and your spouse both acknowledge that the marriage is a sexless one do you think professional help is necessary?

11) To maintain a good healthy sexual relationship, is oral sex necessary ?

If you have the time, I encourage all bloggers to leave a comment answering the most difficult question out of the 11 questions . If you are a blogger that’s running out of content to blog about, I encourage you to make a post answering all of the 11 questions I provided and and link it back to this post and I will reblog that post on my blog giving you a shout out and in addition I will reblog a post on your blog explaining my interest for your post and blog. I might make a whole series out of this and write all the way up to part 28. Instead of writing random poetry, I think I might just focus on this story and complete this by August. It is going to be a lot of thinking and late nights but if you really enjoyed reading this, than I might consider doing that.

Part 2 will be coming shorty

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10 thoughts on “I Am In Love With My Seductive Next Door Neighbor (Part 1)

  1. What a post my man, reminds me of my one post about the Seven Deadly Sins, this can go many ways in part 2!
    1) I don’t think the wife needs counseling, it’s him. But in my opinion if you have to seek outside help to save an inside situation, it’s already in danger when you have to depend on a stranger. His attitude toward his wife and his glass of lust has him blinded, he already regrets his marriage.
    2) One word to describe the wife is devoted but yet desperate.
    3) I don’t think sex is a priority in a relationship, it helps but it can’t become a need because that’s not what a relationship is built off of. If sex was a priority in a relationship, long distance relationships would never develop nor survive. So no, sex isn’t a priority.
    4) I think the character will do everything in his power to sleep with Brittany. Her man is only 5’5, what can he do?😂
    5) If a person is complaining about a sexless marriage, there is no good reason to stop having sex within the marriage.
    6) Being tired or having a headache are weak excuses to make for not wanting to have sex or show your partner love and affection. If you need an excuse not to have sex, maybe counseling is needed.
    8) Physical attraction is only important in the dating stages, once things hit bond and love and you enter marriage, you’re married for reasons not looks. If the only time you see your partner is when they’re naked, then you should be single.
    9) I can’t answer number nine because no one loses their true beauty. And you can’t make excuses not to have sex, you want it or you don’t. If you don’t, you can’t complain about not getting it.
    10) If my partner loses interest in me then I would have to question her reasons for marriage in the first place. But if the marriage became completely sexless, it’d be beyond help because someone is probably already cheating, women have needs too.
    11) I don’t think oral sex is a must in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship but it does add spice to the bowl of life. Mixing things up is always fun, but having a happy relationship keeps the sex happy and healthy.

    • I enjoyed reading all of your answers.
      I agree with every single of them.
      Your answer to number 4 was hysterical 😂😂😂😂
      I think I may try to write 28 chapters and maybe by sometime next year, I may try to get this published but not sure yet.
      If you want you can send me a link of your post about 7 deadly sins.
      I might of read I believe but you can send it to me again if you want so I can read it.
      I enjoyed reading your answer to number 8 though.
      Physical attraction opens the door to dating but if the room smells then I’m walking out and I’m getting air freshener to remove the stench off of my body.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this and comments like this gives me strength to keep going
      I appreciate you

      • I enjoyed this post my man, pleasure was all mines interacting in this. Like I said, your post are real and so attention grabbing. Yeah, I just gave my honest answers and the answer to number 4 was as honest as I could get😁!!
        This would be an interesting write and like I said, it could go so many ways, so many plots, twists and turns and stories that it would be relatable to many. Yeah, you read The Deadly Seven post cause I shouted it out to you also and I think you said you were thinking of writing a topic on the seventh sin I posted😀.
        I love the insight you add to the answers cause you’re so knowledgeable and you see it from both sides. It’s true, physical only matters for a time, you trade that in for better things.
        I really enjoyed this and I love supporting your work, it’s real and knowledgeable and keeps reading interesting. Keep it real and keep it going my man.

      • 😉😉😉😉😉
        I think I remeber now about the 7 deadly sins.
        That was over a year ago but I remember.
        That was a clever post you wrote.
        I’ll keep going. I’m gonna keep writing until I have nothing left in me.
        Hopefully one day they can make q movie out of this 😊

  2. How did I inspire such an erotic poem?

    Fantastic poem, by the way.

    Tell Wifey to try Weight Watchers. It works! 😂

    In the opening paragraph when you were describing me you left out a word or two. I’m curious about what you were trying to say. If you do edit it please let me know so I can re-read.

    I can’t believe I almost missed this brilliantly written poem about the cause of man’s (this also refers to women) biggest downfall, lust.

    Nope, I don’t think Brittany and the writer will end up having an affair because Brittany loves the hell out of her 5’5 husband and would never go there. Infidelity is not a part of Brittany’s game.

    If you ever mention me again in a post please do a pingback to my page so I won’t miss it.

    Thanks for the honorable mention, David.

  3. This poem is quite sexual. I was leading to where my mind was taking me. Orginally I was going to keep it short and simple but the more I kept writing, the harder it was for me to stop. I had to force myself to stop.

    “most life experiences and she is very passionate about her *blog and it looks very professional.”

    I meant to put blog. I will edit this in a little while.
    Lust is a strange emotion and an addicted to your own lustful thoughts is the root of evil.

    Hmm 🤔 that’s true Brittany does love her 5 ft 5 husband but is love strong enough to prevent somebody from cheating🤔🤔? Only time will tell
    Tbh I don’t even know how to do a pingback lol

    Np it was an honor to write this poem and thank you for giving me this idea.

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