Poetry Saved My Life

Haven’t wrote a deep poem in a minute.
Got me in the zone while listening to music.
I have these emotions and gotta express it.
More than a poem, I’m lonely and desperate.
This like a movie, based on a true life story.

I’m in search of the perfect poem and words form
This was written before I wrote it, daydreaming in the zone.
Racing with time and this poem fell in my lap.
Losing the race ,the dust particles landing on my face.
Eager to hustle, but forced to struggle.
Regrets, I have everyday of my life.
Poetry is my life when I lose the fight
of my real life battles.
War zone in my mind and this poem is a bloody towel
that wipes the flood of the fluid that keeps the heart pumping.
War zone in my mind and this poem is a band aide that cover the scar and keep the skin healing.
This poem saved my life, damn near close to suicide.
The fear of hell kept my soul from being sent to the ground
I was saved like money in a savings account
Life is bitter like hard liquor, but this poem is a chaser and it chased my liquor
Now life sweet like tropical juice and it respected me and influenced me
to write this poem since everything in my heart
now feels right.
Negative thoughts now get left and I move
toward the right
Towards my life goals and the demons trip
while trying to catch the soccer ball.

17 thoughts on “Poetry Saved My Life

    • I’ll be around from time to time but not often tho.
      I have to get my life in order so my priorities comes 1st but maybe once in a while I might pop up and upload a dark poem when things get too hecked

  1. It’s like Nas says, Hip Hop has saved Me! This was such a great write with so many symbolisms that hit the mark and it shows how much writing can do for a person. The road we travel isn’t about the destination, it’s all about the journey. I’ve been reading up on you from time to time my man, my comments haven’t been on par lately cause I’ve been busy but I’ve been reading, it’s good to see you haven’t left us. Still speaking real talk. It’s always important to stay on the right!!

    • Thank you for your comment bro.
      Tbh I haven’t really been uploading lately.
      I was listening to this song by stack bundles and his song encouraged me to write this because his song is relatable
      I will be on here from time to time by I won’t be uploading as much as I use too.
      But thank you for your feedback bro

      • Yeah, I’ve been reading your stuff you already posted, but I’ve seen nothing drop lately. But like his music, your poetry is definitely relatable and real my man which is why I love it. You speak true words and it makes people think.
        I’ll be keeping an eye out and you keep being you my man, stay safe and stay sane cause that’s all we got these days in this crazy world. Hope all is well.

  2. War zone in my mind and this poem is a band aide that cover the scar and keep the skin healing…. especially loved these expressions…

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