Suicidal Thoughts/In Case Tomorrow Not Promised

This is number 2 on the list as far as my top ten deepest poems. This is probably the darkest and most negative poem I wrote. This is some real deep shit. I wrote this about a year ago.

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Some questions to think about and also these could be future blogs to talk about. In fact take a look at these questions, pick one question to blog about it

1. If you had the chance to find out where your final destination would be after you die right now at this moment would you wanna know?

2. For those of you that are not married, do you wish you was still a virgin if you are not a virgin?

3. If fornication was not a sin, for those of you waiting until marrige to have sex or have waited until marrige, would you still have waited until marrige have sex to have sex if you knew fornication was not a sin?

4. If you had the chance to win 5 million dollars, you would steal one of my poems and submit it to publishing agency pretending you wrote the…

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2 thoughts on “Suicidal Thoughts/In Case Tomorrow Not Promised

  1. So deep a poem. I could literally feel what you are going through your words. But I really do pray you get the power to get rid of suicidal thoughts…. There’s no one else like you in the world. The world will be missing you when you’re not in it.
    I pray good days come your way. I know it’s on its way. Keep faith.
    Love your writing style. Keep blogging.
    Lots of love from me❤ and Merry Christmas season🎄🎄🎊🎉

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