Single Mother

Whispering in your ear, the minute we open the double doors

Finger you in the theater, drop the panties to the floor

I beat it hard like its drumline, Nick Cannon in the front row

Cocky attitude, can’t read, and yet hitting it like a pro

I never look down, my strokes are profound,

cover your mouth so you don’t make a sound,

bitting your lip, pound after pound

Hardcore and you feel it deep in the core.

Calling me daddy, like Eddie Murphy on Daddy day care.

Ironically I will take care of your body as I’m pulling your hair.

I’m telling you keep you voice low, don’t want nobody to hear.

Grinding and I be lying if I said I wasn’t in my feelings.

Every ounce of cum from your pink pussy, I’m feeling.

Pussy pink like the energizer bunny.

Biting down on your night gown with your two front teeth.

You are so horny it’s actually scary,

I’m dumbfounded like Uncle Phil when conversing with Hillary.

I always had hour power, but you reduced me to a minute man.

Nutting inside you was not part of my plan.

But times up, time for me to scram.

Always remember, don’t let nobody judge you because you will make a wonderful single mother

and I will love you forever

5 thoughts on “Single Mother

  1. That’s just raw, deep and so real in so many areas. The conventional hit it and split it syndrome for a lot of men out there. Call them daddy but they don’t want to be a daddy. It’s always about love for the moment until it’s over, then they’re stuck listening to the song “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Another real post, a lesson too. This was deep my man.

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