You Didn’t Break Me

Life was hard but I’m still living.

The pool was deep but I’m still swimming.

Found away to stay above and remain floating.

I was in darkness, but the light is slowly glowing,

like something sparks that glowing in the dark.

It rained and thunderstorms, but the rays of the sun

shines mighty strong.

It shines in front, around, and behind my body as I stand tall

looking fine.

A taste of the precious moments in life, but getting to this point

was a tough fight.

I was at a civil war with the two sides of my personalities.

I lost a few battles, and it affected me mentally,

and the affects were drastically,

draining all the energy out of me, unconsciously.

Not knowingly, I would be struggling,

to live peacefully,

from allowing myself to be hurt from the enemy.

For a while,I thought I wasn’t going to make it.

I had a mind and it was full of consciousness,

but I felt like the Timman,

no heart so I became heartless.

I became oblivious

towards my responsibilities,

due to the painful deep

thoughts that killed my heart spiritually.

One day at a time, my heart is exercising

and the organ is developing.

Gradually become stronger, I hop over

the gate of misery and start fresh

with a clean slate.

Happily take measurements of my heart rate,

and more precious than a gold plate.

Going through some type mental update,

inside voices telling me

“Never too late,

life is hard but it’s never too late”,

so I choose to have faith.

I was sprayed with mase,

but I can still see.

My heart was broken in half,

but I can still see.

I failed on a opportunity

, but I still dream.

I lost on forever, but I have a family.

You hurt me yes, for a good while

and I went through misery,

but you did not break me.

You won some battles,

but I got the last word, I said


Victory, you only thought you tasted a drip,

but I won the war and I’m captain and nobody

but me sail my own ship.

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