Is Life More Than We Can Bare?


Very contagious

but can’t help it.

Giving me a headache

while struggling to get out the bed

this morning.

Need to be studying

but yet get easily distracted.

2 jobs during the week

plus landscaping on the weekends.

I be so exhausted when the week ends.

The older I get

the more my patience get weaken.

Pressure made me nervous

to the point I feel like living is overrated.

Life is not what it seems

when it’s difficult to accomplish dreams.

Dreams is a star in the sky

that I will never reach.

I tried to concentrate when teachers teach

but success to me is beyond my reach.

Is it because my patience

is too short that’s why I can’t reach?

When I climb the ladder

I am still looking down

Is this why I fell to the ground?

Since I’m on the ground

Should I fight to get back up or just go to sleep

and live inside my dreams

and enjoy like watching a Disney movie

enjoying the fantasy.

So much things I want to accomplish

but so much time and effort

to be put in

I am only human

Is living in the world

beyond the human comprehension?

Beyond our level?

Living in this world

is like putting a first grader

in a fourth grade class

and expect him to have

a fourth grade reading level.

Is this why he struggle.

We are handle situations

too difficult and in life

we are tested then

learn the lesson later and I keep failing

falling harder.

Do you see why I’m so bitter?

Life is my enemy

that I want to conquer

but I have a war in my mind

I’m having a 2 front war.

Twice the energy wasted

which result me in having headaches.

Struggling to keep up

like a short man dancing wit a taller girl

19 thoughts on “Is Life More Than We Can Bare?

  1. When I climb the ladder

    I am still looking down

    Is this why I fell to the ground?…
    Deep musing…
    Also loved the humorous ending line…

  2. U,there comes a time in our lives that we must put our blinders on, and have boundries. Life is always beautiful, it is a choice with what we do with that beauty that matters most?Remember what makes you feel at peace, wear those thoughts like a badge! Unfortunately, mankind’s rules and have to be’s are killing the human spirit. There is so much added to living agendas it’s a wonder we survive! Be proud of all that you do! When life gets a bit hectic, I always think of those who are not able to get up and go, or those who are not longer here to appreciate all the hustle and bustle and beauty of life! Think of all the people in hospitals who may never see daylight again? Let go of what is not important, or useless. Your posts have been awesome … Your going to be AOK!!☀️😊

    • That’s true somebody do always have it worst
      I really do appreciate the advice you have provided
      Thank you for always reading my posts and providing your input
      It’s really helpful

      • Ah, you’re welcome! But remember what I say does not make me right, it just works for me. Just thought to share.😊 I have lost all of my loved ones with exception of my son’s, they live hours away from me. So I find my strength each day no matter what life throws my wa … by LIVING for those who are no longer here!! You posts have been so good! Good luck to you in your new endeavors!

  3. Sometimes life may seem like walking uphill with roller skates on my friend, the closer we get to something, the further it seems. When things get like that, that’s when those feelings set in, I don’t think it’s laziness more than frustration that irritates us. But if there was an easy way, everyone would do it, that’s why we continue to push ourselves daily my man. Life gives us more, but not than we can bare or we wouldn’t be there. Stay strong, but I don’t have to tell you that!

    • The uphill and roller skates is a good example you provided.
      Everything you provided is logical and motivating and I appearticate you taking the time to read this
      Stay up bro

      • No problem my man, like I said….it’s a battle but it’s all about winning the war. Love your post and you have my support. Keep your head up and stay real.

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