I Love You

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I started a podcast a month ago. It not much right now but I am looking to improve. Just letting my fellow bloggers know that eventually I will be moving on from wordpress because I want to take my poetry to another level.

I miss you like

I have bad aim

in a video game.

Your body is the perfect frame

and your face is a beautiful picture.

You are lovely

and I stand proudly

showing you off

to my family

like I’m a tour guide

in a art gallery.

Each dress you look splendid

and I adore every shape

and line in the colorful design

of your dress.

You deserve the best.

My chest is where your head

may rest.

Cuddle before and after sex.

I will make love to you tonight

and plant kisses on your neck.

Your body upon the palms of my hands.

I gently caress.

After I climax

I surprise you with a rose

and wave it under your nose.

I love to see you smile

and I love to see you in tears

while making love.

Take my time with slow deep strokes.

My stroke is deep like my thoughts

which leave you excited

due to me being unpredictable.

But yet I love you and

it’s all so simple.

The scarfices, and disagreements

are roadblocks

so instead of giving up

and going home

I drive down another road

so no matter what’s

it always more than one way

to tell you and

to show you

I love you

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