I Found An Escape

Nowhere to go
moving all over the place.
Suddenly feel alone
I have lost the sweet taste.
Fear I will grow  old
when tears fall from my face.
Body  is the temperature of snow
Face is red,heart filled with hate.
Like an inmate avoiding the CO(Correction officer)
looking for an escape.
Running towards my goals
but I am out of shape.
Bewildered for being  exposed
for being a nice guy in last place.
Pigs are filthy like my clothes
blame the concrete that’s  where I lay.
Let the truth be told
When u stand above my grave

3 thoughts on “I Found An Escape

  1. “Running towards my goals, but I’m out of shape”, so powerful! What a mental message to stay strong. This was a strong piece man, a symbolism that we can’t just go down even though it feels like it’ll get the best of us. Strong post my man!

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