Whats That Stench?

A tough guy

I like to fight

but afraid to sleep at night.

My thoughts creepy

like worms in the dirt

and yet flexible like

high school athletes playing sports.

Forever terrified of my own self portrait.

I fear myself

Face sweats and its wet

like a tropical rain forest.

Only courageous in my sleep

but I wake up and heart beat

fast like a torrent.

My throat opens to sing

and pray

hoping for the fears to escape.

Heart beats fast

like I’m out of shape.

I’m outnumbered in a battle

suffering a heartache.

Now suddenly my stomach aches

My bones are out of place.

Still sweat pouring from my face.

Hot like a steam room.

Stomach is poisoned like a mushroom.

My body slowly dying

with my fears and

I live alone

Now I will leave a nasty stench in the bedroom

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