How To Be A Better Husband

I am coming out with a book called “How To Save Your Marriage” on December 15th.

In this post I will list things that I will be heavily discussed in book. So below read the list and get a sneak preview

1. Tell your wife that sleeping in separate beds is healthy

2. If your wife wants to cuddle, tell her no that you want to sleep on the couch for tonight.

3. Tell your wife that sex is not a big deal and that sex is only necessary once a year

4. Tell your wife that the kids come first always

5. Tell your wife that romance is not needed to make the marriage last.

6. Tell your wife that she is not allowed to disturb you when you are watching basketball

7. Tell your wife that whenever ya go out that she has to do all the driving

8. Tell your wife that you refuse to perform oral sex on her

9. Tell your wife that you are still wearing condoms during sex

10. Tell your wife that during football season that it is okay for her cheat

11. Tell your wife that you don’t want her to submit m

12. Tell your wife that you rather follow her lead and let her be head of the household

13. Tell your wife that whenever she gets out the shower and come into the bedroom that she must keep the towel wrapped around her body and she can’t be naked in front of you

14. Tell your wife that you won’t allow her to give you oral sex because it’s a sin.

15. Tell your wife that her father always come first before your needs

16. Tell your wife that you will be sleeping in the bed next to the kids until junior high school

11 thoughts on “How To Be A Better Husband

  1. Lol maybe if someone reads the whole list, then say “no this would make a marriage crash and burn.”, then realize they do something on this list and go “Ohhhhhh I should stop that.” Then boom do the complete opposite and save their marriage lol

  2. Lol
    I should be a marriage counselors.
    Watch on Woman’s history month
    I’m gonna be on television preaching what I wrote in my book 😊😊😊

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