A lesson comes after we asked  a question.
We would never need answers if we lived to perfection.
At all times we would be able to achieve excellence.
Just imagine old men over 70 able to obtain erections without using Cialis
No longer judged by our skin complexion
so black men constantly rejected won’t
be ashamed of their reflections,
taking turns selecting a president
in alphabetical order without a primary election
STD’S never existed so no need for protection.
We all became vegetarians and salad
tasted like fried chicken.
Over the counter drug for depression,
to slowly subdue the pain of a broken heart within minutes.
Imagine a Rate My Parent website to voluntarily choose our parents
when women become pregnant.
Imagine we had weather repellent
where we can repel rain snow, hail and sleet
that  comes from heaven.
We go under spell so we can no longer be jealous and we become grateful of each other presence.
Think about everything I just mentioned
and go re-read this poem backwards back to the first sentence
Jealously, bad weather, abusive parents, failed relationships, heart attacks, HIV, Donald Trump, erectile dysfunction,
I now have now a question
In this poem, what is the main message?

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