When A Dream Turns Into A Nightmare?

Seek peace
so everyday
I wait by the sea
just like the dreams,
I mimic the details
as I visualize myself
on top of the whales
surfing to an island
of paradise.
View is nice
and air is clear
like the clouds
in the sky.
I am fed grapes from
the vine
by lovely ladies
in bikinis.
They as well
are devoted
to rubbing my feet.
The admire the words
I speak.
This was my dream
I snapped out of it
from daydreaming
and wanted to make
peaceful dream into reality.
Take my flip flops off
and I started to saunter towards
the sea.
Water got deeper and deeper
and closer towards my face.
I closed my eyes
and was ready to come face
to face with my dream.
But instead of riding on a whale
like I imagined
I am sinking lower and lower
to the bottom of the ocean
am I’m thinking
how did this happened?

All Water Don’t Taste The Same(#PumpkinsPrompts )

I am doing the pumpkins prompt challenge and the topic  I posted a poem on is “water” and I want to give a special shout out to  Irene for creating this challenge and I think its a wonderful and creative idea for bloggers to interact with each other. Check out her blog when you get  chance.


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My life leaks
like water out of a pipe.
I cry puddles watching you
exit from my life.
Each tear is symbolic
and the pain in my heart
just can’t stop  it.
Tine wasting
water leaking,
Death occurring
and my heart is broken.
What these four have in common,
they are all consistent.
You wasted my time,
I feel like committing suicide
since my heart is broken
and tears is like a broken pipe
constantly leaking.
I defined you as water,
The liquid that kept me hydrated
but you took my heart
and like a  branch,
just snapped it.
Waking up sweating
and  every day
come closer to becoming
I drink a  new type
of water bottle
to replace you
but problem is
each water bottle
taste different.



In this poem, the main theme is heartbreak. I use water leaking out of a pipe as an example because this means leaking emotions, loss of power, and somebody walking out of your life. I cry because I couldn’t handle the pain. The person I was in love with, I compared that person to water and her love kept me hydrated and since she left, I can’t function. So I make a comparison stating that I am  dehydrated which means that I am broken, so in order to heal myself, I make another comparison to a water bottle saying everyday I drink a new water stating all water tasted different. This means that, I am searching for a new soulmate but every person I dealt with after my previous lover, didn’t have the same effect because no two people are like. The more girls I date, the more I miss my previous lover because I will never love no girl like I did with my previous lover. Lesson is, rebounds are a bad idea and you should take time to reflect on the relationship that just ended.

This Never Happened

Being lonely at times
helps me escape reality in my mind.
Imagine happiness to escape the pain.
Wishing I was a man with fame
instead of being a lame.
Swear at times my mind is a game
playing tricks like a prostitute being a side chick to a pimp.
Remembering all the presents for Christmas but in reality never got shit.
Jealous  of the other kids made me sick to the point wishing I was different.
Reminisce the negative but replace it with the positive.
The positive  is false but that’s what I choose to acknowledge.
Blame myself for not having both parents
but yet I see mom and dad hugging and loving me as if I am the one and only.
Beautiful fairy tale  like a Walt Disney movie.
Walking home from school hearing gunshots  on the block
refuse to listen and instead picturing me and my friends with waterguns.
Selling bricks  hittin licks for me is the hustle to subdue my struggles to make college affordable.
But instead picture myself filling out FAFSA forms to make college affordable.
Dreaming  of making my unborn child proud saying to him  ” I did this for you”
Tears come down as my unborn child reached his rest day before his birthday.
I picture my new friend as my best man in my wedding ceremony
When I really walked in on him and my gf in my house having sex and I pull out my 9mm  aiming at them  wishing in my mind this never happened.