Life Is On The Line

I came in the world humble.
I don’t care now, I’m about to crumble.
Gas prices went down but I’m still broke
Wonder if I should start selling dope?
Life is ruled by pimps and ho’ s that sniff coke.
Doing the right thing is a joke.
Why be legit when I can sell illegal substances.
Alot of money in the ghetto and I wanna obtain it.
Dreams of being the richest man on the Atlantic.
Being broke got me in a panic.
Money is my only acceptance other than that I’m soulless.
Attitudes of the upper class is atrocious.
Money changes the humble to arrogant.
Committing crimes seems fine since money helps you get away with it.
Look at how many times women been sexually assaulted and men get away with it.
Money keeps a blabber mouth quiet.
Money doesn’t erase the pain but it subdue  your conscious.
Right now I don’t have a conscious.
People don’t act the same when money ain’t around.
But loyalty is pushed to the side when money is around.
Rather money is clean or dirty it don’t matter to me.
People hands are still filthy even when the bank account is all clean money.
I have no choice but to do what I do.
Just pray I don’t end up on the news because my life is on the line

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