Stuck In Hell But Trying To Reach Heaven

For those of you that don’t know, I will be constantly be uploading posts because I am almost to the point where I am ready to take a break from writing poetry. I will be taking a very long hiatus, probably a few years. Once I reach my 300th post, I will be moving on to branch out. Either I will be trying to publish my poems or travel around the world doing spoken word. Please read What Is My Next Plan After Blogging? to get a full understanding.

A question for you to think about,

It’s in the bible that God can heal a broken heart. I also been told wounds heal with time. Now we all heal differently at different times. A few may not heal at all. Now for somebody doesn’t believe in God, is time guaranteed to heal his/her heart?


The dark man
ha an amazing body but ashamed
of his name
The dark man 
smile but suffer from headaches 
because of hunger pains
The dark man 
has reached the age of thirty 
but yet, feels wrinkles on his face 
The dark man 
chooses to eat healthy 
but his heart is in bad shape.
The dark man 
remembers he has to  breathe 
but the cells are dying in his brain
The dark man 
patiently waits for sunshine 
while being swamped in the rain.
The dark man 
drives on the road of hell 
to seek heaven to see his wife again


Many people think loneliness is a problem but  everybody been through it

When it comes to the life of a human  people who suffer loneliness will do anything to have other people in it.

But what makes a person lonely,
I’ll break it down for you only

Lonely means being without company
Cut off from the outside world which is solitary
Going through life without having nobody
But even more important question, does being single makes a person lonely?
Single means solitary but not necessarily sadness?
Relationship means companionship but not necessarily happiness?

Single is the art of choosing to be alone but I say choose because they say somebody is for everybody

Relationship is the art of choosing someone but does a relationship really overcome the feeling of being lonely?

Lonely makes a person stronger

But they say strength is developed through numbers
But however,
Being lonely makes you live independent.

Independence of lifestyle can lead to productivity and fulfillment. 
Once you have a solid approach to things, there’s nothing in life you won’t be able to do.
Now lets talk about the opposite of being independent 
Which is being dependent in which some relationships demonstrates that is
Relationship to depend on one other, your true significant lover
But however its not always the case that your significant lover will be with you forever
So if you and your mate depend on one another 
And rely on a relationship as your one way ticket of being a survivor,

how will you survive, when you significant other  disappear from your life?