What’s The Big Deal About Sex

Nobody wants wack sex, but just curious like why women make a huge deal if the guy she is having sex with is wack tho,🤔🤔 what if he’s a good guy?

Why do women judge men harshly according to the sex he is giving?

Like do you communicate and tell him nicely if the sex is wack?

Is it hard to find good sex from a guy?

5 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal About Sex

  1. To women, sex is a “big” deal, it can’t be no small event. I think it’s different for some women. For women who look at sex as something special, it’s a big deal for a different reason.

    • I hear what you saying. Sex is special so yes I can see how it can be a big deal. Maybe I should change the title of this blog
      But my thing is this though, sex can mess up a person’s judgement.
      In this blog I picked women because women judge men more harshly when it comes to sex.
      Don’t get me wrong men judge women too.
      For example, women will complain about how it’s hard to find a good man and how men is just interested in sex.
      Now if it’s just casual sex and the sex is wack then I can understand not having sex with again an not giving him another chance.
      But if you like the guy and looking for commitment, then why should wack sex be the determining factor to a decision determining if she should stay with him or move on?
      Now some guys are inexperienced but isn’t everybody inexperienced when they first start having sex?
      If the guy is willing to improve, then I believe that a woman should give him a chance and communicate with him and tell him what turns her on.

      Now if the guy is selfish and don’t care to satisfy her needs, the I can understand why the woman may want to move on.

      Not only that, no disrespect but alot of women are not all that experienced in the bedroom as well.
      It goes both ways both but I think women judge men a little bit harsher when it comes to sex.
      Also when women find a man and the sex is really good, it really messes their judgment(not including all women). A guy could have nothing to offer in a relationship but good sex, and that will be enough for a woman to keep him around.
      A good man can have everything to offer except good sex, and women will exit the relationship faster then a student in school during a fire drill.

      In conclusion, sex is a big deal and I’m not saying wack sex is okay to settle with, but if you are not sastfied, try to work with your partner and communicate to see what can be resolved.

      Everybod won’t agree with me but just my opinion

      • That’s very true what you said and you hit on points very well, sex is a determining factor and it shouldn’t be. And just like men, women do judge guys harshly based on sex and sometimes don’t want to be a teacher of pleasure. So if he has a lot to offer except good sex, the sad truth is….that’s where cheating comes in so she can have it both ways. Because to some women sex is special but to others, it’s just sex just like it is for guys and it’s graded like a term paper.
        And I agree, women are judgmental when it comes to sex because of the whole size matter and the motion in the ocean sayings. I feel if sex is the only thing that holds something together then it has already fell apart. Sex is a form of communication but you need communication to work out a relationship as well.

  2. The woman is always at the receiving end when it comes to sex and relationships. And she will value your commitment if she knows that you’re not likely to make her unhappy in any way. When she dates a man with a potbelly, her first concerns will be ‘his snoring’or that the big stomach will constantly hinder him from performing…and you know these things are kinda hard to complain about. Men are egoists. It’s a big deal for them to feel ‘in charge’. So telling a man that his sex his wack is one of the worst things a woman can do to him…to his identity! Not many women would want to put themselves in awkward situations like that. I mean, let’s face it, if your sex is wack now, chances are that you would be worse-off in the years to come. Except you have a teachable spirit so…who wants to start cycling the obnoxious mountain when she can take a better route 😁😁

  3. Yeah I do agree with about telling a man that his sex his wack because that would hurt him. I should change the title because I understand why good sex is a big deal.
    I just feel that sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship or marriage.
    Now I do believe if a woman isn’t satisfied in the bedroom because the guy lacks experience or suffers from performance anxiety than I believe the girl should try and work with him because we are all inexperience when we first start having sex. Not if the guy is selfish and not willing to learn then i can understand wanting to break up with him

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