Who can Solve This Riddle?

What’s the material?

This material that makes us believe that life is lovely
People chase this material, like how Tom chases Jerry
This material is something that’s earned usually

Or taken from another person without permission
Because this material gets you addicted
Like you have a nicotine addiction
Still don’t know what the material is
I’ll give you an hint
Symbol looks like an Sย 
with a underline sideways on tops of it
What type of material is this? _________________________

Comment below if you know the answer

11 thoughts on “Who can Solve This Riddle?

  1. Close but not quite
    Give you one more chance if you want

    “This material is something thatโ€™s earned usually”
    This is a clue
    What do you earn?
    What do people chase?
    What’s is the material?


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