What Does A Sawed OFF Shotgun Mean?

The person in the poem is dreaming about a Sawed off shotgun which is symbolic for a quick powerful decision that can be dangerous in the future for an example, having unprotected sex which lead to HIV or any life threatening STD


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My future represent the sound of a gun.

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Not a pistol or 9 millimeter 

A sawed off shotgun

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Decisions will be made in seconds

that will lead to regrets.

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Death or unprotected sex

or both could go hand in hand.

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Diagnosed with an Life threatening STD

because of a Powerful Ejaculation.

3 thoughts on “What Does A Sawed OFF Shotgun Mean?

  1. They say haste makes waste, that’s why it’s better not to rush. And you’re right, that goes with anything in life because waking up laying next to a girl named “regret”tta is a bad thing to live with. Pulling that trigger isn’t always the option, weapons don’t always win the wars….sometimes it’s done with the mind.

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