Fake Friends

I will be uploading constantly fast as possible. I believe this is my 237th post. Once I get to my 300th post, I will be moving on from wordpress for good. I will be uploading twice, maybe 3 times a day.

The one that ask for a thousand and one favors
The one that gives you a thousand and one excuses
Your guaranteed to run across that type of mother fucker
The one that be up in your business

Fake friends the ones that know how to pretend from the beginning to the end.
You have to understand
when you on top, that’s when they come and act like your true friend and try to hold your hand

Yo can I get a ride
Yo can you hook me up wit a job
Yo can I come borrow some money
That what happens when you on top
But lets stop
Stop and think to when you fall to the bottom after being on top
The true feelings of a fake friend come out like a jack in the box
The famous line from a fake friend when you need a hand
“Nah I can’t”
Fake friends fake like fake asses and titties.
Just read my previous poem Is Jealously is more common than loyalty?

6 thoughts on “Fake Friends

  1. It’s like Whodini says, “Friends, how many of us have them?” Or Johnny Gills “Fairweather Friend”. They are all out there and they show their color quick when the chips are down.

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