Walking Willy The Cannibal

This is a Halloween poem I wrote last year. Happy Halloween to every blogger on wordpress

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This is Halloween and I wanted to write something very evil to really spook my followers. I want you to really see the type of mind that I have. I can write a poem about anything. I can write the sweetest poems in the world, and I can can write the meanest poems in the world. I have a crazy imagination. But at the end of the day this is only a poem  For those of reading this, this poem is graphic and evil so if you don’t have the stomach for violence, stop now and log off and go watch cartoons. This poem is not for kids. Also please if this poem is inappropriate I do apologize but I would rather you not leave me any negative comments or any criticism. At the end of the day, this is my blog and I can post what I like. I…

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Gossip Is Destructive

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Gossip is a cancer that spreads like chicken pox.

Image result for spread of chicken pox


Like a fever it burns, nasty like filthy socks.

Image result for filthy socks


Fills the air like a penis inside a woman’s tight vagina
and it spreads wider and wider 
like a forest fire.

Image result for forest fire


Without a knock on the door, it comes uninvited.
Not at all shy, disrupts quietness like a riot.

Image result for a riot


Boisterous  as the crowd on TimeSquare on New Years Eve.

Image result for New Years Eve in times square 2016


It get passed around like the blame and guilt 
towards Eve.

Image result for Adam blames Eve


Slither like a serpent searching for a servant

Image result for serpent gif


to work like a  slave in ancient Egypt building pyramids.

Image result for Slaves in Egypt building pyramid gif


Gossip starts off in hiding places like bushes that protects caterpillars.


Image result for caterpillar in a bush gif
But the disguise comes to light and flies around freely like butterflies 


Image result for truth come to light gif  Image result for butterflies flying gif
Exposing itself to the public to kill a person’s image slowly like HIV.


Image result for HIV is deadly image

It sneaks and form conspiracies 
like Julius Cesar’s advisory.

Image result for Julius caesar died
Brute is(Brutus) the force to conquer the weak and gullible to complete it’s mission. 
Gossip  is a tool that distracts a person from responsibilities and attracts a fool to somebody else’s business.


I Love You

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I started a podcast a month ago. It not much right now but I am looking to improve. Just letting my fellow bloggers know that eventually I will be moving on from wordpress because I want to take my poetry to another level.

I miss you like

I have bad aim

in a video game.

Your body is the perfect frame

and your face is a beautiful picture.

You are lovely

and I stand proudly

showing you off

to my family

like I’m a tour guide

in a art gallery.

Each dress you look splendid

and I adore every shape

and line in the colorful design

of your dress.

You deserve the best.

My chest is where your head

may rest.

Cuddle before and after sex.

I will make love to you tonight

and plant kisses on your neck.

Your body upon the palms of my hands.

I gently caress.

After I climax

I surprise you with a rose

and wave it under your nose.

I love to see you smile

and I love to see you in tears

while making love.

Take my time with slow deep strokes.

My stroke is deep like my thoughts

which leave you excited

due to me being unpredictable.

But yet I love you and

it’s all so simple.

The scarfices, and disagreements

are roadblocks

so instead of giving up

and going home

I drive down another road

so no matter what’s

it always more than one way

to tell you and

to show you

I love you

I Found An Escape

Nowhere to go
moving all over the place.
Suddenly feel alone
I have lost the sweet taste.
Fear I will grow  old
when tears fall from my face.
Body  is the temperature of snow
Face is red,heart filled with hate.
Like an inmate avoiding the CO(Correction officer)
looking for an escape.
Running towards my goals
but I am out of shape.
Bewildered for being  exposed
for being a nice guy in last place.
Pigs are filthy like my clothes
blame the concrete that’s  where I lay.
Let the truth be told
When u stand above my grave

How To Save Your Marriage Part 3

Please read How To Save Your Marriage? and How To Be A Better Husband for real marriage advice.  Statics shows that 1 out of every 2 marriages end in divorce. I plan on writing a book about saving your marriage and being a better husband. In the bible, it says the man has to listen to his wife and love her. But sometimes we as men lose sight of that so below I will list a few things that can help your marriage prosper.


  1. When having sex with your wife, only worry about your own orgasm if you as a man pay the mortgage.
  2.  As a husband, never be the first to apologize.
  3. When your wife tells you I love you, don’t say it back in return because she already knows how you feel.
  4.  If you and your wife get into an argument, if you are paying the mortgage then tell her she has to sleep on the couch.
  5. If your wife won’t have sex with you, then don’t get mad, just watch porn.
  6. If your wife want you to kiss her, tell her no and kiss her on the cheek.
  7. Tell your wife that holding hands is not necessary and that’s only in the dating stage.
  8. Tell your wife that during basketball finals that she can go cheat because during NBA finals you will be only focusing on basketball.
  9. As a man if you have problems obtaining an erection and your wife think you should see help, tell her no and that sex is no longer a priority.
  10. Tell your wife that you love her but your mother comes first since your mother gave you birth.
  11. Tell your wife that celebrating anniversaries are overrated and you rather stay home and save money.
  12. Tell your wife that she don’t have to submit and that you rather have her lead the household.
  13. Tell your wife to not dress to impress you as a husband and recommend her not to wear tight clothing.
  14.  Tell your wife that her father comes 1st not matter what so tell her that if her father needs her, she is more than welcome to attend his needs.
  15. Tell your wife that there is nothing wrong with being addicted to porn and that sex is overrated and it looks better on porn.
  16. Tell your wife that its perfectly normal to check out other women and its perfectly normal. As long you don’t check out other women nothing wrong with checking out other women. In fact encourage her to check out other men
  17.  If your wife cheat and had sex with another man, to be honest as long as she wore a condom and did it in a hotel and did not give him head, this is absolutely  fine and reward her with a vanilla shake.
  18.  Tell your wife that she is not allowed to moan during sex and that sex will be a maximum of five minutes
  19. Tell your wife that it is disrespectful to receive blowjobs from her
  20. Tell your wife that being honest destroys the marriage faster
  21.  Tell your wife that dedication is more important than passion so as long as you are loyal and dedicated to her, tell her that you don’t have to be romantic to her.


I just gave you a sample of my book that I plan to publish in January. The name of my book is “101 Ways To Save Your Marriage” Marriage is like chores, it is not suppose to be fun, it’s suppose to be a lot of work and something that has to get done.

Comment below if you think marriage is worth it or not?




I Understand

I once was a little boy.
I use to think as a boy
like Andy, fascinated with toys.
As a man you suppose put childish things away but this was something I never understood.
I am a man now but my mind in still trapped on childhood.
But what’s ironic was as a boy I couldn’t wait to become a man.
Moving out at 18 was just like typical teenager’s plan.
Thoughts of a typical teenager like what’s it like to be in a r rated movie
without your legal guardian’s company.
So I use to dream wishing I was already 17.
I became 17 but still dreaming ,wishing I was 21 already so I could finally drink legally
instead of relying on my elders.
Unlike wishing to fly, wishing to become older was the reality.
Most don’t wish to die, but getting older gets you closer to death and that not a fantasy.
Most of our elders wish they were younger.
When I became an elder I made sure I mentored to the ones that are younger.
Giving the youth something to remember so they don’t live in regret when they get older.
Life was cold as a boy, but as a man it gets colder,
like a season change from fall to winter.
That’s something a boy won’t understand until he becomes a man.

The Power Of Laughter

I dedicate this poem to Myth*. She is a fellow poetry blogger and her poetry is amazing. She solved one of my riddles so I requested that I would write this poem “The Power Of Laughter” for her.

Part of the human behavior
and regulated by the brain
Activities and funny stories
arises laughter
to laugh away real pain.
Laughter is green tea,
a medicine that heals
and makes the heart joyful.
Life is short
and we suppose to enjoy it
to the fullest.
Laugher for few minutes
will keep you sastfied for days.
Laughter is like good sex
that decrease stress hormones
in the brain.
Laugh like the joker,
Laugh like Santa
It’s your choose
Laugh however
and whenever
to stay happy forever.
Are you depressed?
Are you so stressed
that your lacking rest?
Why are you upset?
When was the last time
you laughed?
Relax and take a deep breathe
and watch a comedy.
Watch Martin Lawrence
and richard prior
to forget about all the bad things prior.
Laughter attracts,
and people around you
become attached
like a magnet
in a science experiment.
I laugh for days
since I sense pain miles away
Laughter is rain
that washes pain away
like the itsy bitsy spider.
Laughter is baby powder
that absorbs in my skin.
Laughter is powerful like a prayer
that forgives a sin.
Life is short
and we may skip a few lessons
but never miss out on a good laugh
because of a bad day
because bad times do pass
like gas.

It’s Painful To Hate Somebody You Love

I hate being around your presence.

It’s so fucking devastating

It’s so fucking frustrating.

I fell in love when you exit

for a brief moment.

Finally a second to breathe.

Quiet and peace.

Why did you have to come back?

Nobody likes you

So you should of never came back

I love you

but I don’t like you

I will kill for you

but sometimes

I want to fight you.

I will always thank God

for you

but alot of times

I hate being around you.

I admire your accomplishments

but I hate most conversations

I had with you.

Yeah to others

you appear as a hero

but behind close doors

I know the truth.

You will never read this

each secret

will be buried in the coffin

but if you do happen

to read this

it’s not hatred

just my emotions.

I love you

but I don’t like you.

I wake up

to you being here.

Why can’t you disappear?

It’s not fair

that your still here.

My peace and quiet just vanished.

For those of you reading this

you ever hate that one person

you hate having conversation with?

Its like talking to a brick.

You tried many times to

give that person chances

but the more you do

the more they get you fucking


It’s like when that person

is not around

I embrace not hearing the sound

of that voice.

That voice gives me constant headaches.

Taking up too much space

in my head.

The stress and bad thoughts spread and stretch out

like a pregnant stomach.

Everyday it’s always something.

Constant complaints and favors.

You will annoy me now

and later.

Maybe I should seek prayer.

But how I do that

when the bible says

you must obey your parents?

The distance between us is apparent.

I keep my distance

from you and your presence.

I had to really sit here

and think hard of the positives.

Head was scratching, eyes closing

to rewind and find

any precious times.

I didn’t seek many.

The many I seek were the negatives

while I reminisce.

Because of that one person

I despise my youth.

Felt misery since I was

a child.

Most days were rarely smooth

made it hard for me to smile.

Whats That Stench?

A tough guy

I like to fight

but afraid to sleep at night.

My thoughts creepy

like worms in the dirt

and yet flexible like

high school athletes playing sports.

Forever terrified of my own self portrait.

I fear myself

Face sweats and its wet

like a tropical rain forest.

Only courageous in my sleep

but I wake up and heart beat

fast like a torrent.

My throat opens to sing

and pray

hoping for the fears to escape.

Heart beats fast

like I’m out of shape.

I’m outnumbered in a battle

suffering a heartache.

Now suddenly my stomach aches

My bones are out of place.

Still sweat pouring from my face.

Hot like a steam room.

Stomach is poisoned like a mushroom.

My body slowly dying

with my fears and

I live alone

Now I will leave a nasty stench in the bedroom