Please read High School first before reading this

The place to be or where you think you should be
To earn that degree
The place where you think your free
Money for college that’s matters
It ain’t about nice clothes or being popular
Or who looks better
No gossip, no drama

Just one rule,
No money, no college
You gotta pay your way to earn your knowledge
You can cut class, cuz the professor don’t give a fuck
You can miss homework, cuz the professor don’t give a fuck
You can talk in, class cuz the professor gettin paid
Either way
So that’s your ass, if you don’t pass
School hours flexible unlike highschool
How incredible
No such thing as a school year, only semesters
Waiting to become a senior
But no phone calls home for missing homework, or cutting,
So what’s the anticipation of becoming a senior?
You learn to accomplish your dream
And they say grades is everything
After your degree, and if grades is everything,
Why do people go job hunting?
Shouldn’t jobs be guaranteed
Hmm confusing
The only thing guaranteed is owing more money
And college is more freedom but yet with a bachelor’s and masters, you still stuck at home not living on your own.
Is college  really more freedom?

College vs high school
What would you pick?

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