What Is My Next Plan After Blogging?

Been writing poetry
For a little while
But been thinking for a long time.
I had so many trials
I been judged at the wrong place and wrong time.
Judgement made me stronger to open up to everybody
Exposing my poetry.
But I believe there is more to me

Should I travel to see
who will accept my poetry?
Should I go to a publishing agency
and prepare myself to be judged harshly?
Am I ready for another trial?
But maybe my next trail I will be judged at the right place and right time

My poetry allowed me to shine.
I read my poems with a smile
and say to myself
“These are mines”
But doing the same thing becomes reduaunt.
Now I will never give up writing
but I have to change my lifestyle
and branch out.
Uploading poetry is a precious time and will be a precious memory.

But I want more than just one memory
Allow me to seek my treasures of what God has offered me.
An example
Jay-Z been a around for a while
because he has branched out.
Most millionaires don’t
and go broke.
I don’t want to be a broke poet

I wanna be a legend.
I am lazy as shit
but when it come to this poetry shit
I will work harder than any other and I think beyond how the average person thinks
and I will be a successful spoken word poet or die trying.
Fuck making money in poetry
it’s not about that.

It’s about exposing the precious gift inside my mind
to touch lives.
It’s not easy to do
because it is so much easier to become a somebody back then compared to now.
So much legends to look up to now.
But I will find the route.
I promise.
I’m hungry and growling like an empty stomach.

Spread my words of wisdom
to the public
and its spreading like mustard
I write my way, I write the way I feel.
I want to reach out to people that can relate to how I feel.

I just want to say to my dedicated and most supportive followers that have been following me and giving me the most support, I want to say thank you for being supportive. It gives me the strength to out do my poems every single time and it feels good to have a fan base. I wrote this poem because I was thinking hard today and I think I am coming close to closing the final chapter. Another words, I think I might be moving on from wordpress for good. I believe this is my 229th post. I think once I get to my 300th post, I think it will be time for me to move on. All my life, I never really been proud of myself. Made alot of mistakes, I have alot of regrets, I always been judged and a loner since elementary school, and most of all, never been able to Express how I really felt. Always been a follower. Always wanted to be like somebody else. But once I started a blog back in August 2017, I believe I found partial freedom and a partial remedy. This helped me to open in so many ways, you won’t even imagine. This is my freedom right here. This is my exercise. I hate communicating in person but I love conversing with people on here. I love to add input on people’s blog post and give feedback. So I am thanking my dedicated and most supportive followers that always supported my poetry. I think one day I wanna be a famous spoken word poet. I thinks it about that time because I have alot of shit to Express. Let me tell you something about me and Express everything that’s going on in my life, I recently graduated from college and I am working two jobs right now. I like my jobs but they don’t pay enough to support myself. So I am 28 years still stuck living with my father. I love my father, but I hate living with him and I’m getting sick and tired. For those of you that read, How I really feel part 1, part 2, part 3, alot of hidden emotions I described in that poem is how I really feel living at home. I’m not holding back no more, I’m tired and losing patience. Plus my car is breaking down little by little, I owe student loans, I’m trying to look for a job in Information Technology and that’s stressful because I don’t have experience plus prior to 2017, I was doing construction for four years. So going back to school in 2017 was hell, plus I still have a shitload of studying to do to catch up to speed, plus I have two jobs and a relationship. I’m doing more than I can handle I’m worn out mentally. Poetry and blogging is the only time I find peace. I believe becoming a famous poet will save my life and finally give me the happiness I am looking for. Blogging can become an addiction and distract me though from my other responsibilities. I am 28 but still have alot of growing up to do. So after I post my 300th blog, I will be moving on and trying to find ways to become famous. I don’t know any of my followers personally and I dream one day that when I make on the big stage that you guys could be in the audience with a fancy dinner and some nice wine lol. But yeah I will be uploading as much as possible and get all the poems that I have uploaded out the way. I worked so hard writing poetry over the years staying up late at night coming up with rhymes. Sometimes it’s exhausting. So my poems are special and I will be doing alot of uploading withing the next 6 to 7 weeks. So I want to say God bless everyone and I want every blogger reading this to appreciate the followers that are most supportive of your content and give thanks.

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