I Will Protect You Always

My hands are windshield wipers that wipe your tears away.

Here to help you navigate through the rainfall you cry away.

I am here to keep you heart protected and safe.

We all break and when working too hard we need a break.

Picture me as a resort of some sort to help u relax on your break.

Alot of feelings we can pretend and fake

but stress isn’t one of them.

To relieve it, you ask yourself

“Where do I begin?”

Meditation, reading, exercising,

all great stress relievers but

most powerful reliever of all is praying

Have faith and believe

because there may be a plan

better than your original dream.

The future is like being under water in

the sea without a snorkel.

It’s something we can predict but can’t see.

All I can say is move forward and pray and just believe.

My advice might not be right if God has another plan.

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