How I Really Feel And I Won’t Lie

To explain how I feel

don’t know where to start.

Friends and family are fake

but emotions are real.

So much bottle up inside

it’s making me ill.

But its’ time to tip over the bottle

and let it spill

and lay it out on the the table.

To start expressing, I don’t if I’m able

but I will try my best

and this is not a fable.

Well lets just say there is a thin line

between love and hate

and I cross over the line

back fourth like

I’m playing jump rope.

My emotions is not a dirty body

that could get washed away with soap.

I am starting to lose hope

Why I should I fight

When I can jump of the

Throng Neck bridge and Die?

Why should I cry

I since don’t know how to

since I keep everything bottle up inside?

I hide whats inside to protect the outside.

Getting tired of being told what to do.

On my mind,two words on it is “Fuck You

I rather be isolated.

The nice guy in me is slowly dying

Have to the mind set to commit a homicide.

Fuck it,If I love you,I rather see you die

then ask forgiveness later

Build up with such much anger.

My mind is in danger

and its killing me slow like lung cancer.

I look in the mirror and ask myself

“Am I a murder?”

“Am I a serial Killer?”

“Will I be the black version of Adolf Hitler?”

I had a dream one time

that my soul went to hell.

So might as well give my soul to sell

I can be the devil’s ‘Michael’

one of his arch demons.

Evil should be my focus

and I should spread it

and make it contagious

like farmers going through a famine

because of locusts.

When I try to do good I can’t stay focus.

Maybe evil is my calling.

Every baby aborted

I wish I could trade lives

with.World full of hypocrites

that are only kind for their own benefits

and I can’t stand it.

Relationships is rare like job benefits.

Nobody now hires full time

and this is how I view relationships

because people only want the benefits

but won’t make scarfices to commit full time.

I rather be lonely forever.

I though by the age of 28

I would be alone

but still stuck at home.

This right here is more than a poem

I needed to write this because

I am in the zone.

I can relate to all the sad songs

while writing this poem.

Held on things for so long.

I ready to release like ejaculation.

Fuck my concentration

I am almost starting to give up on praying

I won’t lie and be hypocrite

I do believe there is a God

but I gave up going on church a long time ago

“The one that invite you to church are the ones

that wanna see you in hell.”

The gate is wide

and the fake angels will smile wide

when they say hi

but deep down they despise

looking in your eyes.

I know this so I trust no one

Show love to no one

because love will get you killed

and LLPhate you make you live.

“We eat more than we can shit.”

I ponder because I have two hands

juggling everything you can imagine.

It’s like I drink 10 glasses of water

but still dehydrating.

Does reading this sounds devastating?

Now how the fuck you think I feel?

This pain is real

This poem is selfish.

My feelings I choose to conceal but

I was told that was selfish.

I will say I am a talented poet

but that’s because I have hidden emotions

disguised as love which is really hate.

“I feel like Eve

because I have been deceived

by so many serpents

and yet I get punished

suffering the consequences

of others being persuasive.

Have you been in debt

or almost went to jail

because of somebody’s actions?

It’s a tragic and another life lesson

I learned at 23.

“There are criminals in society

and innocent ones in the penitentiary.”

Being naive will have serving a sentence

for not using common sense.

I’m gonna reiterate and capitalized this shit



‘Proud To Be An American”

Lmao yeah right

This country is fucking racists.

This is not a place for the poor.

Every year we struggle

more and more

since salaries

don’t keep up with the cost of living.

Am I better off in prison?

The meals are for free

The weights are for free

Besides there nothing on TV

thanks to social media.

I am satisfied with my jobs

but problem is I can’t afford a living

with both my jobs.

I tired of asking money from my mom

I am almost 30

yet I still feel like a 3 year old.

Do my parents have to hold my

hand while I cross the street?

What’s funny

is that I’m to the point where I’m almost

ready to give up and live on the street

since I love being lonely.

I only feel peace when I sleep

or when I masturbate when I’m horny.

I said earlier that I am a talented poet

because of hidden emotions.

So my question is

will have another poem left in me

after this get uploaded?

I will upload a part 2 and maybe a part 3 sometime this week

16 thoughts on “How I Really Feel And I Won’t Lie

  1. So much emotion you show here.

    Hang in there and don’t lose hope my dear.

    God is with you even if you feel that you have lost hope.

    He will save you. All you have to do is ask and never say nope.

    I pray that you are forever well.

    Just keep your chin up even if your plans have failed.

    You can do this… I can see…

    You are a great person just like me.

    God gave you a great talent to share.

    Just live past this temporary nightmare.

    God bless you!

      • I sure hope so. I will be sure to check out your latest posts. We’re still on with the spotlight, I hope you’re not mad at me for hanging up on you like that. I was gonna send you an email but decided to put a hold on the spotlight. Forgive me, I hope I could still feature your page. Please also check my new blog post and try to participate. 😊

  2. I’m here for it !! I love this !!!! You know I’m a realist and sometimes we just need to let it alllll out. Sometimes I get tired of all the fake ness and I just wanna scream! I know God got us tho!!!🙏🙏🙌 GOD BLESS YOU. Keep writing !

  3. Tell it like it is my man, love how real you tell it. This was like an ultimate vehicular vent, you were all over the road but in full control. Feelings don’t lie, it’s interesting what you said about church and angels. Nowadays so many saints got pitchforks that you just aren’t sure anymore. But because half the world is playing in the mud doesn’t mean we all have to get dirty, that’s why we are given choices to be better. A lot of people are selling their souls for cheap, and I love how you preach the truth about your feelings cause they’re relatable. Stay true, keep your head up and seek Proverbs my man.

      • I don’t blame you my man, release is a good thing at times. It never helps to keep it in and truth be told, it’s good that truth be told. People sell their souls and some give them away, can’t wait to read part two, getting to it soon. Keep it up my man.

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