High School

We all have been here.
The place where we spent four years.
When school was for free
to earn a  regents diploma or GED.
It was all about being popular
Comparing to others to see who clothes looked better
Food fights in the cafeteria
All the strict rules, like all hats and ipods kept in lockers
Missing homework was a phone call home
Cutting class was a phone call home
Talking in class was a phone call home
As you read this, I know you was one of those that had a phone call home
five days a week of school.
Bell rings a little after two.
So redundant and tedious
Sit through each class, yes all nine periods
But senior year was the best year
Regents and phone call home, who cares
Coming close to the end of your high school career
To look forward to a place more freedom
That’s what I’m gonna talk about in my next poem

8 thoughts on “High School

  1. Back in the days, that’s flashbacks. I had seven classes four days a week, Friday was a cutting class day. That was a ritual, as long as you was at home get that phone call and pretend you were the parent.😁

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