14 thoughts on “Watch “Why Do We Pick “Good Guys” Last? | Listen To Black Women” on YouTube

  1. I agree a lot with the woman in the Orange. She hit a lot of good points. The only reason we think good guys are boring is because we haven’t dealt with our own trauma . Once you become healed and whole , bad boys are a turn off. It’s part of life tho . We need to keep having these conversations so younger women don’t have to wait to hit 30 , 40 and 50 to finally start making good decisions.

    • Well said! The only thing I can add is that the younger women don’t want to hear the wisdom, which is a sad state of affairs! I’ve learned I don’t need to make all of the mistakes myself! I can learn from the dumb of others just as well as mine and hurt less in the process!

  2. Your blog is beautiful, thanks for sharing you!…I think for the average women, it’s an emotional journey to the good guy. Our definition of him is different and depends on our filter as well as how we see ourselves!). For example, the good guy is assumed to be in the church by many. My ex spent time in church, but also cheated. When I decided to start dating again at 50, I looked at previous patterns and decided to “research” not a good guy, but how to choose the RIGHT guy for me. It took three years to narrow down my must have and dealbreakers, and I also learned to stop dating potential. Another important change is valuing quality over quantity. I won’t date someone who isn’t relationship material (which means dates are few and far between) because a pattern in the past was to bulldoze over those red flags and suffer from butt hurt later.

    • This was the perfect response. Couldn’t of been said any better.
      The line that stuck to me most was when you said it’s about choosing the right. I feel like even the good has his flaws. Eyes play tricks on us because what made to be good on the outside can be poisoned like a mushroom on the inside.
      When you have dealbreakers it will help to narrow down to the person right for you.
      When you are extremely extremely open minded and don’t require standards at all, alot of times you will end up with the wrong guy because you will tend to let alot of things slide where you should of walked way because certain things should not be tolerable
      Thank you for your comment

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