The Fire In My Eye

The fire in my eye
since they failed to comply
so its them I despise.
A monster in me
was created inside
The rage in me arrives
like a UPS package
at the side door.
Broken heart
and constant disspaointments
made me abhor
the flesh of them created by God.
Revenge is how I respond
Loyalty is pushed to the side
when the price is right.
Life is suicide
because the mind is running
back and fourth
training and pacing
while the heart is rapidly beating.
Thoughts is sprinting
due to overthinking
which lead to headaches
so revenge becomes the apsrin
to prevent overthinking
and now I’m overreacting.
Revenge seeking is my mission.
Fire in my eye burns
if you look close enough
it will make your stomach
twist in knots.
Pain inside me burns
like rubbing alcohol
on a wound
from a pocket knife.
All I know is somebody gotta die
and it’s not me

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