What Holding Hands Mean To Me?

I hold your hand.

Affection, dedication, and passion


God meant for man and woman

to be together.

I’m the head and your the helper.

Lets be fruitful and multiply

to produce seeds

and guide them at all times

Form a union and become one

I hold your hand

because you are the one.

4 thoughts on “What Holding Hands Mean To Me?

  1. A bond, a sign of not letting go. But some people take holding hands a different way, it’s a lost art to some rather than others. Some look at it like shaking hands nowadays. Love the way you put the feeling into it.

    • We all look at things differently and that’s what makes life interesting is to learn and view things in other point of view. This was an exercise on twitter where we had to write a poem based on a picture regarding what came to mind when viewing this picture.
      Thank you for your comment

      • Perspective is an interesting thing and it’s amazing how many shapes the eye can make out of a straight line. It’s like looking at a cloud and telling someone what you see, people will always see something different. Love the project, and love how you posted about it.

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