Write A Short Poem About What You See

The manifestation

of belief of the divine.

The angel exposes the light

to shine bright.

Spiritual meaning

as she view the stars.

Have the power

to separate the light

from the dark.

This angel gives me a spark

that comes from the power of God.


This was a poetry exercise and I was describing what came to my mind when I viewed the picture below me, write a quick poem about what you see or what comes to mind when you view this picture below


Big Dreams In Small Spaces

Accomplishments and goals starts off as dreams.

Dream big, dream deep.

We start off in tiny spaces,

but eventually those tiny spaces

turn into large spaces.

People doubt you, but ignore their faces.

We all want to end up in big places.

Dreams are like braces,

to a person’s teeth.

Braces gradually organize 

and straighten the teeth,

just like dreams you want to reach.

Start from the bottom

when you broke and have nothing,

like robbing everything in sight

because you starving.

The broke is humble most,

they dream and dream at all cost.

Most hungry to make a difference.

An eye witness, they experience

first hand living as the underprivileged.

Yes they choose to escape the small spaces

by living through those big dreams.

Driven from pillar to post.

From bread crumbs to eggs and french toast.

From poor to wealthy.

Dreams to reality.

No dream to drastic .

A Christmas present

unwrap the gift wrap and plastic.

Smile and live in happiness.

Dreams are the gift wrap and plastic.

Reality is the present inside of it.

Keep the body and mind focus.

Stay forever confident and discipline

like soldiers in 1944 

who put their life on the line 

to fight that two front war.

You become big like elephant 

and reality can take you to big places.

Never forget, you start off small 

like an insect.

You dream big in small spaces.