We Not Meant To Last

we not meant to last forever

let’s make this work for the better

and be grateful for each other

enjoying the pleasure

of what we can offer each other

Who do you know that can sex u better?

Got you so wet and so high

off my high sex drive

You feel so tight

Even though this won’t last forever

it feels so right.

Texting me reckless

be leading  me to erections.

Emojis is your way of expression

that you want to swallow the liquids

out of my  ejaculation

Never make a fool out of yourself by assuming

I need your attention 24/7

Jealousy of my wifey

gonna leave you horny

This isn’t a nonfiction book

or a autobiography

A  chapter in a fiction book

my love for you is a fantasy

but giving you the dick is a reality.

I enjoy having you as side chick

but the sex has an expiration date

and time is almost up

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