If Life Had A Restart Button, What Would You Do Different?

If life had a restart button

what would you do different?

Reverse all of your choices.

Would you be married?

Would you be the president?

Or would you be in prison?

Ask yourself

In this present day,

have you find happiness

Or are you miserable?

Feelings is all emotional

but with feelings, the way situations

affect us, is all mental.

Can’t move backwards

when breathing the air above you.

Shit happens

but how you handle situations is all mental.

So instead of wishing for a button

that don’t exist learn from your mistakes,

appreciate the air you breathe

while you are still existing.

A List Of 31 Things I Learned Over The Years Can You Relate

I am going to make a list of things that I learned over the years.

I picked the number 31 because at max there are 31 days in a month and we are all born between number 1 and 31. Now while writing this, I thought of an idea.

You can make a game out of this called “31 quotes”. Now imagine this like your in a speech and debate club with 30 other people. 15 men, 15 women and plus yourself and all born on a different date. Now each of the quotes I listed below from 1 – 31 will be cards with a number on them. From numerical birthdate order, you will be seated among the other 15 men and 15 women and each of them(including yourself) will be given a card associated with your birthdate. When it’s your turn, let’s say you was born on the 1st, according numerical order you will be up first and what you have to do is flip over the card and read the 1st quote I left below outloud and explain to everybody why this apply to your life with an real life of example of yours.

After you go the, the second person will go, then the third and etc. Afterthe person that was born on the 31st goes and after listening to everybody speak ,next you will write down the person that you related to or the person that caught your interest the most on paper. The person that is picked as the most releated is the winner.

I just made this game up lol and I know it might be confusing but it’s something that can make debates more entertaining. Who knows, maybe this can be a college class. Anyway read below the list of 31 things below and pick the one that would make an interesting blog topic.

1) One thing we as humans have a problem doing is being consistent

2) This is a generation where popularity overrides real talent and real talent don’t get recognized with out popularity

3) Stand up to yourself but yet be respectful. Only get loud if you have to.

4) You can have a bunch motivating people in your life.
One toxic person can really stress you the fuck out.
If you have a toxic person in your life, get rid of them

5) People that think deep are usually lowkey and avoid popularity

6) People in this world are selfish

7) I know you not supposed to argue with your parents but parents will try to bully their kids and take advantage

8) Best type of job is owning your own business

9) Real shit
Most of us been in toxic relationships and most can agree when you love somebody that’s toxic it’s hard to escape
But once you exit a toxic relationship you make a promise to yourself that you’ll never go back the path ever again
Facts of life
And that’s with everything

10) Life is a war
and each day is a battle

11) You should be a gentleman towards your woman but don’t let her talk to you any type of way

12) You can only pray for people to change but if they not praying for themselves and they don’t think they can change then you can only ask the lord to forgive them for being lost.
13) If you gotta argue with your signficant other on how to be treated then you might as well walk away and being single

14) Being afraid to fail or being rejected will make you unconfident all the time.

15) Learn to judge yourself and criticize yourself to help you to become immune to everybody else’s judging you.

16) Not leaving your comfort zone will make your life boring.

17) Some people will waste your time when you help them the first time, but if you helped them a second time, you are just wasting your own time.

18) Salaries is not keeping up with the cost of living and money is the root of all evil so protect your money like how you would protect your children

19) If you know deep down inside that good sex will make you catch feelings for somebody then casual sex might not be for you.

20) Youappreciate something or someone with good intentions even more when they are gone.

21) If everybody was doing what they love instead of doing what’s available, the world might be a more friendly place

22) Don’t worry about your flaws because we all have them. Ask yourself, if more people in the world was like me, would the world be a better place? If the answer is yes then be proud of who you are.

23) If you ask somebody for a favor and they ignore you, don’t ask twice.

24) Alot of people have the potential to be great and have the mindset to work hard , but when you don’t have nobody to support and nobody to get advice from, very easy to give up.

25) Most hidden emotions will come to the light eventually but most people got at least one secret that take with them to the grave so does all truth come to light?

26) Making friends is hard when you are being yourself.

27) Quiet people are quiet in public because they either fear judgment, very depressed in private, or very sneaky people disguised as being innocent

28) Quiet people are sometimes the most ruthless people

29) Quiet people are usually begging for attention deep down inside themselves

30) Words are powerful. Words can have the power to build and words have the power to destroy. Words are powerful because the lord created the the world by using word example “let there be light”. But remember words don’t have the power to raise someone from the dead so be careful think before you speak.

31) People will reject you but lowkey get jealous when they see you happy with somebody else.


The season between summer and winter,
That lasts from  middle September to middle of December.
The weather becomes cooler,
Days gradually become shorter,
And leaves changes to a different color
Like yellow, orange , or brown
The Autumn leaves are falling down,
And left in a big pile on your ground.
In the middle of Autumn rewind the clocks back an hour,
During the first week of November.
Wind during this season, brings a cool breeze
Upon your face and upon the trees.
Trees gradually become weak.
Autumn is the twin sister of spring.
Not too hot, not too cold.
Wind is calm and collected as it blows.
Summer is slowly forgotten,
And awesome to see the leaves set free during autumn.

Winter to Spring, to Summer, to Autumn

It’s Your Life, Listen To Others But It’s Your Choice

Should you try to live life according to your imagination?

Is this the blue print, the demonstration

to your Plan A?

Is living life according to your imagination the right way?

What are you imaging today?

What you are planning today?

Are you planning to save the world

or destroy it?

Should I be a follower or should I be a leader?

As a follower I am imaging your imaginations?

Wondering if they are safe or unsafe?

Even if they are safe,

will your imagination for me make me happy?

As far as I know to be happy it means freedom to me

It means doing what’s best for me

It means doing what’s defines me.

It means to accept my personality.

It means to never to be ashamed of my friends and family.

It means to not worry about people judging me.

In short, being happy means to be free.

So your imagination sounds


and I’m all ears but I must follow my own imagination

do what makes me happy

that’s why God brought me here.

STD’s Teaches Us A Lesson


Listen to Sounds from Friday morning by David Hockaday #np on #SoundCloud

Her pussy got feelings
but her heart doesn’t
She wants the dick
but express no emotions
When I say ‘hi’
She says nothing
but at night she watching porn
all night just moaning.
She fights hard for the temptations
and this dick of mines
she knows it tempting

Image result for sex is tempting clipart gif

but she see me as trash
but yet curious
to what’s in the trash bag?
She can wear gloves and face mask
and now she realize what’s in trash
is not that bad
until our of no where she get bit
by rat
and now needs to get a shot
because of the back-shots.

Image result for std shot gif

So there is a lesson in this.
Never feel bad
for what’s left in the trash.
If you know its trash
let it stay in the trash
because it belongs in the trash.

Image result for put it in the trash gif

In this poem in the second stanza, trash is used as a double entendre. Men are trash and rats live in trash. Sometimes we know something is trash but yet when we can’t let things go, we may take a peak in the trash. But peaking in the trash can make things worst. You go in a garbage can, can get bit in the face by a rat, or if you go back to a toxic man, you never know what toxic damage can happen.

Btw I will start using soundcloud more

Comment below if you hear me clearly on the soundcloud


Please read High School first before reading this

The place to be or where you think you should be
To earn that degree
The place where you think your free
Money for college that’s matters
It ain’t about nice clothes or being popular
Or who looks better
No gossip, no drama

Just one rule,
No money, no college
You gotta pay your way to earn your knowledge
You can cut class, cuz the professor don’t give a fuck
You can miss homework, cuz the professor don’t give a fuck
You can talk in, class cuz the professor gettin paid
Either way
So that’s your ass, if you don’t pass
School hours flexible unlike highschool
How incredible
No such thing as a school year, only semesters
Waiting to become a senior
But no phone calls home for missing homework, or cutting,
So what’s the anticipation of becoming a senior?
You learn to accomplish your dream
And they say grades is everything
After your degree, and if grades is everything,
Why do people go job hunting?
Shouldn’t jobs be guaranteed
Hmm confusing
The only thing guaranteed is owing more money
And college is more freedom but yet with a bachelor’s and masters, you still stuck at home not living on your own.
Is college  really more freedom?

College vs high school
What would you pick?

How Many People You Regret Having Sex With?

People have sex  for only four reasons and theses are related to physical reasons, emotional  reasonsgoal based reasons, and insecurity reasons.


Image result for love and basketball gif


But today I am going to talk about the most unhealthy reason which is insecurity. Below I have listed the five common reasons why I believe people have sex  because of insecurity


  1.  I believe many people use sex as a substitute when communication is lacking in a relationship.
  2.  I believe many people use sex as a substitute for healing when people are heartbroken and I believe people will seek sex with other people to try forget about the person that broke their heart.
  3. I believe many people use sex as a substitute to get what they want out of a person.
  4. I believe many people have sex because other people are doing it and they are trying to fit in.
  5. I believe many people have sex because in their minds, they think sex has the same power as cupid’s arrow and make somebody fall in love.



Image result for bone and  arrow gif





Below is a poem I wrote explaining how having sex for a insecurity is deadly

Sex don’t mean shit
when you aren’t happy
But when we not happy
that’s when we feel
sex is most needed.
Sex just builds the affliction
Stretch the depression
Trick your mind
Into thinking
It’s repairing what broken.
Sex is deadly from the wrong
person .Its addicting to the point
your hypnotized.
Responsibilities are neglected, making poor choices
For those of you reading this
How many people did you regret having sex with?

Image result for regret having sex with gif


Now I understand why sex before marriage is a sin

But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.”  – 1 Corinthians 7:9


Since the beginning of time if everybody since the Adam And Eve days did not fornicate and waited until marriage to have sex, what would the world be like today? How would people be like? Would online dating  exist? Would prostitution exist? Would divorce rate be much lower, hell would divorces even be a thing? Would the human population be higher or would be lower? Would life be a safer place? What would porn stars be doing for a living? Would be love easier to find? Would rapist and pedophiles exist?


See the source image


Would the movie “40 year old Virgin” exist?

Image result for 40 year old virigin

And if it did still existed, would it have been this popular?


But would there be any negatives if everybody waited until marriage to have sex?

Would life be boring? Would TV be as popular? Would music be as popular? Would women have less power in the world? Would divorce rate increase? Would sex be enjoyable or would it be like a chore? Would health teachers have a job and would health class become boring? Would condoms exist? If condoms didn’t exist because everybody waited until marriage to have sex is that really a good thing, give this question some deep thought? Would waiting until marriage to have sex  increase the infidelity  rate, think hard about this?


See the source image


Comment below answer one of the questions in this blog and  I will respond regarding my opinion!



What Is My Next Plan After Blogging?

Been writing poetry
For a little while
But been thinking for a long time.
I had so many trials
I been judged at the wrong place and wrong time.
Judgement made me stronger to open up to everybody
Exposing my poetry.
But I believe there is more to me

Should I travel to see
who will accept my poetry?
Should I go to a publishing agency
and prepare myself to be judged harshly?
Am I ready for another trial?
But maybe my next trail I will be judged at the right place and right time

My poetry allowed me to shine.
I read my poems with a smile
and say to myself
“These are mines”
But doing the same thing becomes reduaunt.
Now I will never give up writing
but I have to change my lifestyle
and branch out.
Uploading poetry is a precious time and will be a precious memory.

But I want more than just one memory
Allow me to seek my treasures of what God has offered me.
An example
Jay-Z been a around for a while
because he has branched out.
Most millionaires don’t
and go broke.
I don’t want to be a broke poet

I wanna be a legend.
I am lazy as shit
but when it come to this poetry shit
I will work harder than any other and I think beyond how the average person thinks
and I will be a successful spoken word poet or die trying.
Fuck making money in poetry
it’s not about that.

It’s about exposing the precious gift inside my mind
to touch lives.
It’s not easy to do
because it is so much easier to become a somebody back then compared to now.
So much legends to look up to now.
But I will find the route.
I promise.
I’m hungry and growling like an empty stomach.

Spread my words of wisdom
to the public
and its spreading like mustard
I write my way, I write the way I feel.
I want to reach out to people that can relate to how I feel.

I just want to say to my dedicated and most supportive followers that have been following me and giving me the most support, I want to say thank you for being supportive. It gives me the strength to out do my poems every single time and it feels good to have a fan base. I wrote this poem because I was thinking hard today and I think I am coming close to closing the final chapter. Another words, I think I might be moving on from wordpress for good. I believe this is my 229th post. I think once I get to my 300th post, I think it will be time for me to move on. All my life, I never really been proud of myself. Made alot of mistakes, I have alot of regrets, I always been judged and a loner since elementary school, and most of all, never been able to Express how I really felt. Always been a follower. Always wanted to be like somebody else. But once I started a blog back in August 2017, I believe I found partial freedom and a partial remedy. This helped me to open in so many ways, you won’t even imagine. This is my freedom right here. This is my exercise. I hate communicating in person but I love conversing with people on here. I love to add input on people’s blog post and give feedback. So I am thanking my dedicated and most supportive followers that always supported my poetry. I think one day I wanna be a famous spoken word poet. I thinks it about that time because I have alot of shit to Express. Let me tell you something about me and Express everything that’s going on in my life, I recently graduated from college and I am working two jobs right now. I like my jobs but they don’t pay enough to support myself. So I am 28 years still stuck living with my father. I love my father, but I hate living with him and I’m getting sick and tired. For those of you that read, How I really feel part 1, part 2, part 3, alot of hidden emotions I described in that poem is how I really feel living at home. I’m not holding back no more, I’m tired and losing patience. Plus my car is breaking down little by little, I owe student loans, I’m trying to look for a job in Information Technology and that’s stressful because I don’t have experience plus prior to 2017, I was doing construction for four years. So going back to school in 2017 was hell, plus I still have a shitload of studying to do to catch up to speed, plus I have two jobs and a relationship. I’m doing more than I can handle I’m worn out mentally. Poetry and blogging is the only time I find peace. I believe becoming a famous poet will save my life and finally give me the happiness I am looking for. Blogging can become an addiction and distract me though from my other responsibilities. I am 28 but still have alot of growing up to do. So after I post my 300th blog, I will be moving on and trying to find ways to become famous. I don’t know any of my followers personally and I dream one day that when I make on the big stage that you guys could be in the audience with a fancy dinner and some nice wine lol. But yeah I will be uploading as much as possible and get all the poems that I have uploaded out the way. I worked so hard writing poetry over the years staying up late at night coming up with rhymes. Sometimes it’s exhausting. So my poems are special and I will be doing alot of uploading withing the next 6 to 7 weeks. So I want to say God bless everyone and I want every blogger reading this to appreciate the followers that are most supportive of your content and give thanks.

Sight Like Coke Sweet Like Cherry

When I see you
I see a pretty black face
with a nice shape.
Color of your skin
represent strength
With words your outspoken
your mind is open
and I admire your confidence

When I see you
I see curvy hips
just below the stomach
where the skin is flawless
smooth like a boat ride
in the ocean.
You look extraordinary
like the pyramids in Giza

When I taste you
I taste a sweet flavor
Sweet like sugar
With my tounge
I dig deeper.
My tounge is a shovel
and you are the treasure
and I dig in deeper.

When I taste you
I taste the juices
so delightful
while I dance around
inside of you
Inside your mouth
like a washer machine
tounge automatically cycles

Black like Coca-Cola
and sweet like cherry
sweet like soda
Black like Pepsi
Black like pasta
Sweet like tea
Sweet like a bell pepper
Black like coffee

Courageous like Black Panther
Beautiful like Kenya
Sweet like Cherry
and Black like Coca-Cola
A strong, independent woman
like yourself
makes me proud
to be an African American

Why Don’t People Know How To Mind Their Business?

I did not plan on posting a blog today but something happened today that got me irritated. Now before you continue reading, please know that I don’t judge any woman based on her sex skills, all I did was answer someone’s question by giving my opinion regarding sex.

Overall I am a shy person minding my business and never try to fit in but I do try to interact with people on Twitter and WordPress even though I am not the most popular on neither of these social media apps. When I interact with people, I usually interact with people I can relate to. If I see something on Twitter or on WordPress that I disagree with, I normally mind my business 9/10 times. The one time I do disagree, I am very respectful and polite when I come in people’s mentions on Twitter and the comment section on wordpress.

I was on Twitter today and I saw someone tweeted an interesting question. The question was

” Fellas what makes a woman’s box/sex trash??” (In this statement box means vagina)

This was interesting question and I replied to this tweet. My response was

If she is complaining and set too many rules example
1) Don’t slap my ass
2) Don’t pull my hair
3)Don’t look at me
4)Your going to rough(this is 50/50 because I understand this one a little lol)
Overall when it’s like when the box come with a code book or instructional manual and if it’s really loose like if u can fit three fingers or four inside.”

Now some girl that I don’t even know or seen before comes in the mentions and says
So you know nothing about the female body lmao….got it

Now first of all based on my response, how does my response imply that I know nothing about the female body lol and even if this girl feels I know nothing about the female body, why can’t she mind her business and not worry about how I respond?

Another story

Now on this example I am about explain, I will admit I should of mind my business and I was partially but the response that I received was disrespectful.

Now a little over a year ago on Twitter, this guy tweeted
I love black women, black women are beautiful“.
Now I didn’t know this guy so I shouldn’t of went into his mentions but I did anyway and I tweeted in his mentions
” Black women are goregous but I think all women of all races are beautiful
Now looking back on it now, I should of mind my business and all. So I can why the average person would get annoyed but this guy responded back to me and got disrespectful.
He tweeted in my mentions
“I said what I said, hop off my dick”
That comment pissed me off because even though I should of minded my business, I was respectful

Overall I do like Twitter. Twitter can be ignorant and reckless which is fine to me because some of my tweets are reckless as well. What I don’t understand is

1) Why don’t people mind their own business when they don’t agree with somebody’s opinion?

This is the reason why I stay to myself. What I learned in life is, when you are not popular, don’t have money, have no power, overweight or maybe not the most attractive towards the average person, people will judge you like your worthless or pay you no mind. Like a unpopular person can have an opinion on something that’s not logical, and people are quick to belittle that person. Let another person that’s more popular and attractive have the same unlogical opinion on the same exact situation as the unpopular person, than those same people that belittled the unpopular person will praise the popular person. Quiet people or people that are not popular are always told to speak up more and to open up, but when quite/unpopular people actually do speak what’s on their mind, doesn’t it feel like they get shut down or criticized? Also don’t you feel like people on social media and in real life judge you based on how popular you are? Have you ever had any arguments with people on social media? Why do people like arguing on social media?

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment