The Way The Heart Works

The heart is a dictionary that defines you.

Follow the heart to make a decision best for you.

The best decision selection we hope we choose

but sometimes the heart doesn’t have a clue

because it can put you in good or bad moods.

The heart bring out emotions and let them loose.

Relationships don’t happen naturally, they are build

and the heart is tool.

10 thoughts on “The Way The Heart Works

  1. The heart is a dictionary that defines you! That was powerful right there because it’s so true. This poem is so spot on, the heart is a powerful tool and the things it can build is amazing and usually when we follow it without letting the mind get in the way, good things happen. Each verse was so emphasized my man and that’s why this was so powerful, love the way you’re real with words!

  2. Hi! How have you been my friend? It has been awhile since we have been engaged here in the comments. I have been studying SEO and applying what I learned to a few archived post for freshness. As always I am very pleased with this post. The heart definitely defines who we all are. Some are humbled, good, bad, soft, cold & I am pretty sure a lot of other things. The heart is indeed a very powerful tool. Great Post.

    Much Love My Friend!
    Ms. Flo

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